Raiders Season Recap and look forward to free agency and the draft

This article first appeared on Reddit in a series called, “32 teams in 32 days”. Written by Gaggleofgeese it is published here with his permission

Oakland Raiders (4-12)

Division: AFC West

Record: 4-12 (1-5 Division) (Missed Playoffs)



Category Stat Value League Rank
YPG 333.75 23
PPG 20.13 24
PassYPG 208.75 24
PassNY/A 5.9 18
RushYPG 125 12
RushY/A 4.6 6
Int’s 20 24
Fumbles lost 11 25


Category Stat Value League Rank
YAPG 363.69 22
PAPG 28.31 29
PassYAPG 255.75 28
PassNY/A 7.0 28
RushYAPG 107.94 13
RushYA/A 3.9 11
Int’s Caught 9 31
Fumbles Recovered 13 3

2014 Draft Picks (subject to change based on compensatory selections)

Round Pick
1st 5th overall
2nd 37th overall
3rd 69th overall
4th 101st overall
5th Traded to Seahawks in Matt Flynn deal
6th 165th
7th 197th
7th Traded from Arizona in Carson Palmer deal

Free Agents

Player Position Status
Rashad Jennings RB Unrestricted
Jeremy Stewart RB Exclusive Rights
Jamize Olawale FB Exclusive Rights
Jacoby Ford WR Unrestricted
Jeron Mastrud TE Unrestricted
Khalif Barnes T Unrestricted
Jared Veldheer T Unrestricted
Tony Pashos T Unrestricted
Matt McCants T Exclusive Rights
Andre Gurode G Unrestricted
Vance Walker DT Unrestricted
Pat Sims DT Unrestricted
Daniel Muir DT Unrestricted
Lamarr Houston DE Unrestricted
Jason Hunter DE Unrestricted
Kaelin Burnett 4-3 OLB Exclusive Rights
Charles Woodson FS Unrestricted
Mike Jenkins CB Unrestricted
Tracy Porter CB Unrestricted
Usama Young FS Unrestricted
Philip Adams CB Unrestricted
Chimdi Chekwa CB Exclusive Rights
Brandian Ross SS Exclusive Rights

2013 Season Analysis

  • There are few things throughout recorded history that came with more doubt than the 2013 Oakland Raiders squad, frontal lobotomy and the chastity belt included. Reggie McKenzie, general manager since 2012, was presented with a roster full of big contracts and small results. Like any shrewd businessman he cut out the wasteful expenses, but not without obvious ramifications for the talent level on the Oakland roster. Was it necessary to expel the Al Davis scholarship players? Absolutely.
  • Reggie bit the bullet and sailed into the seas of 2013 with over 50 million dollars of cap space tied up in dead money, practically ensuring that no big-name free agents were planning on calling Oakland home. In fact, the one major acquisition contract-wise was none other than Matt Flynn, backup QB extraordinaire. This was a major miss by McKenzie, who effectively shelled out $6.5 million for 246 yards of offense against a dreadful Redskins secondary.
  • A glimmer of hope came, however, when former Raiders and Packers star Charles Woodson came back to town. Despite his graying goatee and slightly slower stride, the man can still ball and Raiders fans rightfully celebrated his return. Unlike Flynn, Woodson signed a modest deal and outplayed the money he signed up for. He is exactly the type of player that the rest of the young and inexperienced secondary needs around.
  • Yet I digress, back to the cold prostate exam that was the 2013 Raider campaign. For over the first half of the season the Raiders were forced to play without the best player on the team, LT Jared Veldheer. Filling in for Veldheer was former RT and all-around penalty machine Khalif Barnes, whose spot was then filled by Barnes’ former partner-in-crime as a Jaguar, Tony Pashos. Without mincing too many words, the offensive line was a mixed bag of shit, varying from runny to outright diseased. Featuring over 10 different combinations throughout the year, a passer without mobility was essentially screwed.
  • Enter Terrelle Pryor, human gazelle, black Tebow, 350-Z driving jersey-signing superstar. The man is without a doubt the best athlete on the Raider squad and likely one of the best in the league- just watch him scramble as he abandons his reads. Stupefying, marvelous, and oddly underwhelming. Pryor’s over-reliance on his ability to extend the play had drastic consequences for his passing game, and after his first meeting against Kansas City (where he was sacked 10 times), his game was clearly figured out. If his first read wasn’t open, you either got a Barry Sanders-esque mad dash for positive yardage or a lame duck thrown up for grabs.
  • Until that point, there was hope in the Raider Nation. Even the next week, Pryor suspended disbelief with a staggering rushing performance against the reeling Steelers. The other team from Pennsylvania took the wind right out of the Raiders’ sails, however, thanks to Nick fucking Foles putting up arguably the greatest quarterback statline of all time with 7 TD’s thrown in 3 quarters. Pryor suffered a knee injury late in the game that ushered in the Scranton Scrambler and former Penn State walk-on Matt McGloin.
  • McGloin’s tenure under center this past year was fair at best, displaying decisiveness not seen with Pryor along with a lack of athleticism not seen with Pryor. McGloin demonstrated an ability to make NFL-caliber throws but when tested with pressure and forced to improvise he folded more often than not. The young receiving corps did neither quarterback many favors, often tipping the ball into the defense’s grasp or failing to fight for a contested ball entirely. While there were glimpses of play-making ability from the taller receivers such as Holmes, Streater, and TE Mychal Rivera, the smaller and faster Al-certified track stars failed to step up to the plate.
  • Speaking of track stars failing to step up, Darren McFadden took the opportunity in 2013 to demonstrate exactly how overpaid he is for his production. Maurice Jones-Drew’s former backup, Rashad Jennings, outplayed McFadden in every facet of the running game. Most importantly, Jennings managed to stay out of sweatpants for most of the year as McFadden is wont to do. McKenzie would be wise to cut the cord with McFadden and sign Jennings up with a fair deal in Oakland.
  • The defense was a case of Jekyll and Hyde in 2013 with Jason Tarver’s blitz-heavy schemes propelling the Raiders to a 21.4 PAPG average through the first 7 games and jumping up by 12.3 points to 33.7 PAPG for the final 9. Nick Foles’ machine-like dominance of the Raider secondary marked a turning point for Reggie McKenzie’s vessel, as it became painfully clear what another rebuilding year was going to look like.
  • After this point the Raiders managed only one win, the Houston Texans, the worst team in football. There are no medals for valor in this league, however, and thus the Raiders finished 2013 with a dismal 4-12 record, 11 straight years of .500-or-less seasons, and the small but oh so familiar consolation prize of a top 5 draft pick. Not to mention the obvious questions about the effectiveness of the coaching staff, the players, the front office, and damn near everyone in between.

High Points

  1. Raiders continue storied punting tradition and fall into /r/nfl mode du jour by eschewing Chris Kluwe for the dreamy Marquette King
  2. Lamarr Houston proved to be a bookend DE and perhaps the only unquestioned starter in his role on defense.
  3. McKenzie alleviated some FA concerns about Flynn with the successful additions of Pat Sims and Rashad Jennings
  4. Pryor’s electrifying early-season scrambles, especially the NFL QB-record 93-yard TD run against Pittsburgh.
  5. The Chiefs took it back to the 90’s with a heartbreaking playoff loss.
  6. The Broncos took it back to the 80’s with a Super Bowl blowout.

Low Points

  1. Jared Veldheer missed half the season.
  2. McFadden is proving to be a bust.
  3. Flynn earned $6.5 mil for one start, or rather $26,422 per yard.
  4. Janikowski shat the bed and let his numbers go pear-shaped after a big offseason raise
  5. Tyvon Branch broke his leg early in the season
  6. Musical chairs on the OL
  7. Pryor can’t think, McGloin can’t improvise.

Free Agency/Draft Concerns

  • To put it bluntly, the Raiders need help at every position that doesn’t involve kicking a ball. I struggle to think of more than five sure-fire starter-quality players that suited up on the roster this past year. These are the kinds of holes that don’t get patched up in a single off-season and will require accurate scouting and smart accounting to pay any dividends.
  • However, the Raiders are not without an ace up their sleeve in this regard. One downside of having $50 mil+ in dead contracts in 2013 means having $63.5 mil available on the books for 2014. What does this mean exactly? We can’t be too sure yet.
  • If McKenzie is anything like his former boss Ted Thompson he’ll shy away from Jeff Ireland-style spending sprees and load up on less exciting role players, building solid depth without generating solid press. He may go the opposite route with his piles of cash, however, and go after an impact player that’ll excite the team and fans alike. In this respect the smartest grabs would be a true game-changing pass-catcher like Jimmy Graham or pass-rusher like Greg Hardy. at the prices these guys would come at, however, I’m sure many of the Raider faithful feel a tad tentative, pain still lingering from so many high-paid FA’s of yesteryear.
  • Of more importance in my opinion is re-signing several current players to long-term deals, namely Lamarr Houston and Jared Veldheer. Keeping Charles Woodson around would also likely aid a defense desperate for continuity.
  • In the draft Reggie and Dennis Allen should place an emphasis on pass rushers, interior OL, and finding a QB if the right situation occurs with draft position and relative player ability (Reggie has stated that he will draft BPA whenever possible). There truly are too many needs to hope that the Raiders can patch them all up in a year’s time, but Reggie & Co. can certainly get the ball rolling in that direction.

Final Thoughts

Where there was once anchored a mighty warship in the waters of Oakland there now sits a listless drifter, practically devoid of sea-worthy crew or conditions. The vessel is beaten, underfunded, understaffed, and it remains to be seen how much faith can be placed in the hands of the captain and his officers. Yet hope is not lost, for in the months to come the organization that has spent so long in the shadows will have the means to lift itself out of irrelevancy and back into contention for the suddenly-hot AFC West. With Reggie having a king’s fortune to outfit his bunch of marauders there is good reason to harbor excitement for the months to come. There is a long road ahead for the team of the decades to return to its winning ways but with the right leaders making the right decisions, victory can’t be too far off.


If the Vikings don't get a QB in the first I can see then trading ahead of the Jags and Raiders to get Carr or Garrappolo or however it's spelled.

Lord of No Ring
Lord of No Ring

@McNutty watched the 1st 2 episodes of House of Cards last night, i didnt see that coming. 

War Hobo
War Hobo moderator

Oakland will take Bortles at 5.


Mock draft:

1st round - Khalil Mack OLB

2nd round - Jimmy Garrappolo QB

3rd round - Xavier Sua Filo OG

4th round - Will Sutton DT

5th round - Fuck you, Matt Flynn

6th round - Nevin Lawson CB

7th round - Fastest WR available for old times sake


No way Clowney falls to 5. No way. I bet Houston takes him.


Phillip Gaines of Rice ran his 40 in 4.34 seconds, just topping Gilbert’s 4.35 to become the fastest defensive back at the Combine.

War Hobo
War Hobo moderator

That's gotta be rough having to bail on the 12th overall pick this soon.

McNutty moderator

I was a little surprised as well. 


@HoSuperBo  I haven't heard anything regarding Bortles from the Raiders. They like Manziel, and Bridgewater. I don't think they're interested in a first round pick who won't be ready to start on day 1.

Lord of No Ring
Lord of No Ring

@Noriega14  think Garrappolo is gonna go that high? i know his stock if rising, but #5 in the second is a reach

McNutty moderator

I really like your 5th rounder. 

War Hobo
War Hobo moderator

*insert Oakland will draft him comment here*

McNutty moderator

Kevin Spacey is a politician from Georgia. It's about the internal power struggles in DC and what people will do to acquire and hang on to power.  


Sounds like Bridgewater is the first choice

War Hobo
War Hobo moderator

Well, don't be too upset when they draft him.

McNutty moderator

Nice PhotoShop skills. 


@Lord of No Ring @Noriega14  Unfortunately, you have to reach for a QB. While I don't necessarily think this is a reach because of his stock soaring, the Raiders would have to grab him here if they want him.


I don't think so either, but I had to fit him in somewhere. 


I like spacey but that sounds boring. No zombies or murders.

Lord of No Ring
Lord of No Ring

@R8Rnation81  he is the most "pro ready". while i have some questions about how high his ceiling is, i think hes the only one that could walk in day one and make a team better 


I don't know what it's like to not be upset with the Raiders draft.

McNutty moderator

I don't think Sutton falls to the 4th either. 


I actually think Sutton could be very good if he just maintained his weight..

McNutty moderator

And then letting him go for nothing...


He chased my mom around the Raiders store tryingto lick her fingers. HesHe's still got some moves.