Weekly Grade and Predictions

Boy, what a crazy week. From the bottom of the ocean to the top of the mountain, this division has seen just about everything. As soon as you think one team is taking off, they faulter and vice versa. This thing is turning into a flat out dog fight and I love it.
Let’s rock and roll.


After being down 3 at halftime, the Chiefs came out and scored 21 unanswered points in the second half to blowout the WFT. Patrick Mahomes was 32 of 47 (68.1%) for 397 yards and 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions with 3 carries for 31 yards. Darrell Williams had 21 carries for 62 yards and 2 touchdowns with 3 receptions for 27 yards. Tyreek Hill had 9 receptions for 76 yards and a touchdown. The defense had 3 tackles for loss with a interception and a fumble recovery. Harrison Butker was 1 for 1 on fieldgoals and 4 for 4 on extra points. Though they came out slow and turned the ball over three times, they finished this game like a freight train.
Grade: B+

This was bar none the worse game of the season so far for the Chargers. They were flat out mauled by the Ravens in every aspect of the game. Justin Herbert was 22 of 39 (56.9%) for 195 yards with a touchdown and a interception. He was also the leading rusher for the team with 2 carries for 12 yards (Yep, you read that right). Keenan Allen had 5 receptions for 50 yards. The defense had 3 sacks and 5 tackles for loss with 2 interceptions. Tristan Vizcaino was 0 for 1 on extra points (Kicking game still SUCKS). Overall, this was the epitome of failure.
Grade: F

The Broncos started the season 3-0 playing teams that had a combined record of 0-6. After that, they are 0-3 against teams that have won a game. On Sunday the o-line and defense were flat out horrible and tried to get Bridgewater killed. He was 35 of 49 (71.4%) for 334 yards and 3 touchdowns and 3 interceptions with 2 carries for 9 yards and a fumble. Javonte Williams had 11 carries for 53 yards and 3 receptions for 15 yards. Noah Fant had 9 receptions for 97 yards and a touchdown. The defense had 2 sacks and a tackle for loss. Brandon McManus was 1 for 1 on fieldgoals and 3 for 3 on extra points. The coach challenged a few plays that were real head scratchers. The Broncos scored a few late touchdowns to make the score closer than the game really was.
Grade: D

After the torrid week the Raiders went through, no one knew which team was going to show up for the game. Were they going to fall apart or were they going to come together. Well they came together and played a (66.7%) for 341 yards and 2 touchdowns. Josh Jacobs had 16 carries for 53 yards and a touchdown with 1 reception for 29 yards. Henry Ruggs had 3 receptions for 97 yards and a touchdown. The defense had 5 sacks and a tackle for loss with 3 interceptions and fumble recovery. Daniel Carlson was 2 of 3 fieldgoals and 4 of 4 on extra points. Interim Head Coach Rich Bisaccia earned his first win as he turned the dogs lose and let his Coordinators actually do their jobs, Bravo!
Grade: A


Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns
This is really a hard game to predict. The injuries to both teams are going to effect the outcome. Which ever team is healthy will win.
Browns 23 Broncos 21
Spread: Broncos +4.5
Over/Under: 43

Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans
This game will be all about weather the Titans can run the ball or if the Chiefs can throw it. This game is going to be a true slobberknocker.
Chiefs 35 Titans 21
Spread: Chiefs -4.5
Over/Under: 56.5

Philadelphia Eagles at Las Vegas Raiders
This should be a shootout and we should see fireworks from beginning to end. The team that can play some defense when it counts will win.
Raiders 31 Eagles 20
Spread: Raiders -3
Over/Under: 48.5
Last Week: 2-1 Season: 12-9 (Bye: Los Angles Chargers)

1 game separates the entire division. This ride is going to be fantastic or is going to make you break your remote. Either way, it is going to be fun.

Mahomes Family Moment Of The Week


♬ Classic – MKTO
Honorable Mention

The Gruden Files (Grades and Predictions Too)

This has been one of the worst weeks for the Raiders and RaiderNation. This was the season that felt different, felt good, felt right. The first three weeks of the season had us all asking the question, is this the year? Will they really do it this year? Are they going to really get back into the playoffs?

Then the last two weeks happened and we were all left with that oh so familiar feeling in our guts, here we go again. Losing to a division rival is never good but to be down 21-0 at halftime says it all. You take the loss with a grain of salt and move on knowing you have a chance to bounce back the following week against a sub-par team in your house. Instead, you lose to a rookie quarterback and an offense that put up 252 total yards for the game and lose by double digits. Did I mention it was to a rookie quarterback?

During the game, I kept saying that the team had quit on him. From the way they were playing it just seemed like their hearts were not into it. Like something was bothering them. Even the post game interviews seemed like they were just giving the company line with no real feeling.

Well, in the middle of Monday Night Football it happened. Jon Gruden resigned. The Raiders have been a sub-par team every since Gruden took over (22-31) but this clown show finally came to a painful and much needed end.

When the report came out that he had made racist comments about NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith, a lot of his former players came to his defense to include Mr. Raider himself, Tim Brown saying “I’ve heard Jon use the term rubber lips before, meaning that this guy’s double-talking, or he’s doing whatever. That’s just a term that he uses.” Considering what Gruden actually wrote, “Dumboriss Smith has lips the size of Michelin tires”, and knowing the content as to how he has used this term in the past, most of us gave him the benefit of the doubt. Boy, were we ever wrong.

The skies went from ugly to pitch black when the rest of the emails came out and were forwarded to Mark Davis and the Raiders. To know that this leader of men was so callous, bigoted, racist, homophobic and misogynistic is down right sickening. This team has suffered some lows but this is rock bottom. Al Davis turned over in his grave when this came to light. Did he forget what Mr. Davis and the Raiders organization has stood for over the years (While the AFL Commissioner, Mr. Davis drafted the first African American Quarterback in the first round in either league. He hired the first African American Referee. He hired the First African American Head Coach. He hired the first Latino Head Coach. He hired the first Female CEO)?

One of the things that I have always hung my hat on is the Raiders don’t care if you are purple, female and from Mars, if you can play and help the team, they will give you a shot. What am I and the rest of the fans to think not to even mention the team, executives and administrative staff that he has let down.

The shear thought that 59 of the 79 (74.6%) players on this team (Active, Practice Squad and IR) are Black, of color or gay. How do these guys feel now? To find out the guy that they have followed into battle and in a lot of cases came to play for, what he really feels about them. They all have to feel betrayed to a degree. The fallout to his actions will follow him but it will follow the Raiders as well and that is the part that really hurts especially when you consider that he did this while working for ESPN. The Raiders had to address the situation and will forever be the scapegoats for his actions but ESPN and the NFL are the real culprits and get to walk away smelling like roses which is straight BULLSHIT.

MS is a place where we come and know we are not going to agree, going to say some pretty bad things about each other and the teams we support and give any and everyone shit about everything. We are also crazy supportive of each other, helpful and crazy protective of this place. (I just got the feel of the old Under Armour commercials, “We must protect this house!”) With that said, this thing with Gruden and the Raiders is really a slap in the face and I expect you guys to give us shit about it for years. I also hope that this kind of crap comes to an end one day. In the end, we are all human…..well most of us.


They were shitty against a shitty team.
Grade: D

They were shittier against a shittier team.
Grade: F-

They were shitty against a good team.
Grade: D

They were good against a good team.
Grade: A

Los Angeles Chargers at Baltimore Ravens
This will be a great test for the Chargers as the Ravens have won 4 straight.
Ravens 30 Chargers 21
Spread: Chargers +3
Over/Under: 51.5

Kansas City Chiefs at Washington Football Team
The Chiefs are going to be out for blood in this game.
Chiefs 35 WFT 20
Spread: Chiefs -6.5
Over/Under: 55.5

Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos
This is going to be flat out UGLY!
Broncos 31 Raiders 13
Spread: Broncos +3.5
Over/Under: 44
Last Week: 2-2 Season: 10-8

You all know this article would not be complete without me posting my tag line: FUCK GRUDEN!!!

Weekly Grade and Predictions

This division is going to be a roller coaster. In the first 4 weeks, there have been some crazy ups and downs. Things are really starting to get interesting. Let’s go!


This was a flat out shit show. In the first half the Raiders had more penalty yards (53) than offensive yards (51). Derek Carr was 21 of 34 (61.7%) for 196 yards and 2 touchdowns and a interception. Josh Jacobs had 13 carries for 40 yards with 5 receptions for 17 yards. Darren Waller had 4 receptions for 50 yards and a touchdown. The defense had 2 sacks and 4 tackles for loss. Daniel Carlson was 0 for 1 on fieldgoals and 2 for 2 on extra points. The offensive line gave up 4 sacks and so many hits on Carr it was ridiculous. Carr missed two touchdown passes and was really off his game. The play calling was the worse it has been since Gruden returned to the team.
Grade: D-

This was almost the perfect all around game for the Chargers. They came out on fire and put this one away in the first half. Justin Herbert was 25 of 38 (65.7%) for 222 yards and 3 touchdowns. Austin Ekeler had 17 carries for 117 yards and a touchdown with 3 receptions for 28 yards and a touchdown. Jared Cook had 6 receptions for 70 yards and a touchdown. The defense had 4 sacks and 4 tackles for loss with a interception. Tristan Vizcaino was 4 for 4 on extra points. The Chargers have beaten the Chiefs and Raiders in as many weeks to take control of the division.
Grade: A

After back to back losses, the Chiefs came out on fire against the Eagles and played a really great game. Patrick Mahomes was 24 of 30 (80%) for 278 yards and 5 touchdowns and a interceptions with 5 carries for 26 yards. Clyde Edwards-Helaire had 14 carries for 102 yards with 2 receptions for 12 yards and a touchdown. Tyreek Hill had 11 receptions for 186 yards and 3 touchdowns. The defense had 3 sacks and 3 tackles for loss. Harrison Butker was 6 for 6 on extra points. When you can surrender 30 points on the road and still win by double digits, that tells you how explosive this offense can be.
Grade: A-

This game was bad with Teddy Bridgewater playing but when he got hurt and was out of the game it went for bad to worse with Drew Lock. Bridgewater was 7 for 16 (43.7%) for 65 yards and a touchdown. Drew Lock was 12 of 21 (57.1%) for 113 yards and a interception. Melvin Gordon had 9 carries for 56 yards with 2 receptions for 11 yards. Noah Fant had 6 receptions for 46 yards and a touchdown. The defense had 3 sacks and 5 tackles for loss. Brandon McManus was 1 for 1 on extra points. This was only the second time in his career that Lamar Jackson passed for over 300 yards in the regular season, NO BEUNO!
Grade: D-



Chicago Bears at Las Vegas Raiders
This is almost a must win for the Raiders after that abortion on Monday night.
Raiders 28 Bears 20
Spread: Raiders-5.5
Over/Under: 44

Denver Broncos at Pittsburgh Steelers
The biggest question on this game is who is going to play quarterback.
Steelers 21 Broncos 20
Spread: EVEN
Over/Under: 39.5

Cleveland Browns at Los Angeles Chargers
This one will be all about which defense will show up.
Browns 27 Chargers 21
Spread: Chargers -2
Over/Under: 47

Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs
This is the game of the week. Which team will play a complete game.
Bills 34 Chiefs 28
Spread: Chiefs -2.3
Over/Under: 56.5
Last Week: 3-0 Season: 8-6

This should be a great week of Football. Buckle up and hold on, the rollercoaster is about to get really interesting.

Weekly Grade and Predictions

Week three is in the books and boy oh boy did it reveal quite a bit about the division and the ride we are going to be on all season long. Even though we are not a fourth of the way through the season, it seems like this is going to be a very, very close one.
Let’s roll……


Justin Herbert is getting it done and so are his teammates as they went on the road and beat the reigning AFC Champs. Herbert was 26 of 38 (68.4%)for 281 yards and 4 touchdowns with 4 carries for 16 yards. Austin Ekeler had 11 carries for 55 yards with 6 receptions for 52 yards and a touchdown. Mike Williams had 7 receptions for 122 yards and 2 touchdowns with a 2 point conversion reception. The defense had 2 sacks and 3 tackles for loss with 2 forced fumbles and 2 fumble recoveries and 2 interceptions. Tristan Vizcaino was 1 for 1 on fieldgoals and 1 for 3 on extra points. When you go on the road and get 4 turnovers, that will pretty much get you a win.
Grade: A

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense played well putting up 437 yards but turning the ball over 4 times is NO BUENO with one of them coming with the score tied and less than 2 minutes left in the game. Mahomes was 27 of 44 (61.3%) for 260 yards and 3 touchdowns and 2 interceptions with 4 carries for 45 yards. Clyde Edwards-Helaire had 17 carries for 100 yards with 2 receptions for 9 yards and touchdown with a lost fumble. Travis Kelce had 7 receptions for 104 yards. The defense had 1 sack and 5 tackles for loss. Harrison Butker was 1 for 1 on fieldgoals and 3 for 3 on extra points. This was a classic example of a team shooting itself in the foot.
Grade: C-

Teddy Bridgewater and company flat out crushed the Jets and it was not even close. This was the 3rd time in 15 years the Broncos pitched a shutout. Bridgewater was 19 of 25 (76%) for 235 yards with 4 carries for 24 yards. Melvin Gordon had 18 carries for 61 yards and a touchdown with 1 reception for 21 yards. Tim Patrick had 5 receptions for 98 yards. The defense had 5 sacks and 6 tackles for loss with 2 interceptions. Brandon McManus was 4 for 4 on fieldgoals and was 2 for 2 on extra points. This was a blood letting by the Broncos defense.
Grade: A

Derek Carr and the Raiders started this game off horribly with 2 punts, a pick 6 and turnover on downs after going for it on their side of the field. Though they won the game, it was not a comfortable one. Derek Carr was 26 of 43 (60.4%) for 386 yards and 2 touchdowns and an interception. Peyton Barber had 23 carries for 111 yards and a touchdown with 3 receptions for 31 yards. Bryan Edwards had 3 receptions for 89 yards. The defense had 2 sacks and 2 tackles for loss. Daniel Carlson was 3 for 3 on fieldgoals and 2 for 3 on extra points. Getting the win was great but the play calling and defense has to improve.
Grade: B-


Kansas City Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles
The Chiefs will be out for blood after their close loss to a division foe. This will be a shootout.
Chiefs 34 Eagles 20
Spread: Chiefs -7
Over/Under: 54.5

Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos
The Broncos will finally face a team that has actually won a game this season. This should be a good one.
Ravens 24 Broncos 21
Spread: Broncos -1
Over/Under: 45

Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers
This game will be won by the team that can control the clock and play defense when it is needed most.
Chargers 31 Raiders 24
Spread: Chargers -3.5
Over/Under: 52.5
Last Week: 2-1 Season: 5-6

Enjoy and if my predictions are correct, STFU Lord!

Weekly Grade and Predictions

What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on? If I would have told you going into the season that the only undefeated teams in the AFC would be the Raiders and Broncos after two games with their schedules, you guys would have said the old man has finally lost it (some of you fucks say that anyways) and had me committed.

This season is nowhere near over but the feeling is we are in for one hell of a ride. Buckle up boys!


Teddy Bridgewater is making this team his. The Teddy Bear started off slow but came to life in the second half, he was 26 of 34 (76.4%) for 328 yards and 2 touchdowns. Javonte Williams had 13 carries for 64 yards and 1 reception for 10 yards. Courtland Sutton had 9 receptions for 159 yards. The defense had 1 sack with 4 tackles for loss and 2 interceptions. Brandon McManus was 3 for 3 on fieldgoals and 2 for 2 on extra points. This was a complete team win for the Broncos.
Grade: A-

Derek Carr and company came out and punched the Steelers in the mouth. The defense held them to 292 total yards. Carr was 28 of 37 (75.6%) for 382 yards and 2 touchdowns with 4 carries for 9 yards and 2 fumbles with one lost. Peyton Barber 13 carries for 32 yards. Henry Ruggs had 5 receptions for 113 yards and a touchdown. The defense had 2 sacks with 4 tackles for loss and a interception. Daniel Carlson was 4 for 4 on fieldgoals and 2 for 2 on extra points. The Raiders have a defense, when is the last time that was true.
Grade: A+

Justin Herbert and the Chargers played well enough to win but turnovers and what can only be called questionable officiating cost them this game. Herbert was 21 of 31 (67.7%) for 338 yards and a touchdown with 2 interceptions. Austin Ekeler had 9 carries for 54 yards and 9 receptions for 61 yards. Keenan Allen had 4 receptions for 108 yards. The defense had 2 sacks and 3 tackles for loss with a interception. Tristan Vizcaino was 3 for 4 on fieldgoals. Too many mistakes and some crazy calls cost them this game.
Grade: C+

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs were in an instant classic with a lot off offense and not a lot of defense and it cost them. Mahomes was 24 of 31 (77.4%) for 343 yards and 3 touchdowns with a interception. Clyde Edwards-Helaire had 13 carries for 46 yards and a lost fumble. Travis Kelce had 7 receptions for 109 yards and a touchdown. The defense had 1 sack and 5 tackles for loss with 2 interceptions with one returned for a touchdown. Harrison Butker was 5 for 5 on extra points. You just can’t turn the ball over on 2 of your last 3 possessions.
Grade: C+


Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs
This is going to be a flat out scoring fest. The Chiefs are home after a loss and facing a division rival, that is not good for the Chargers.

Chiefs 38 Chargers 24
Spread: Chiefs -6.5
Over/Under: 55.5

New York Jets at Denver Broncos
The Broncos are playing another rookie quarterback but this time they are doing it in their home opener, NO BUENO!!!

Broncos 31 Jets 17
Spread: Broncos -11
Over/Under: 41

Miami Dolphins at Las Vegas Raiders
The Raiders are going home to face the team that all but killed their playoff chances last year in the last seconds of the game, REVENGE!!!

Raiders 31 Dolphins 17
Spread: Raiders -4
Over/Under: 45.5
Last Week: 1-3 Season: 3-5

Enjoy and let’s get it.

AFC West 2019 Draft Classes

JMC, Godfather, Joseph my Broseph…. Thank you. Thank you for submitting content here in MuddledState like only a few of us do showing the willingness to set aside personal shit to add a little something to this joint. My MS Appreciation posts ran short on time this preseason, but know yours and Nori’s contributions the last year have been much appreciated with us parting ways with a few writers. Just kidding, we didn’t part ways, but Robb/Dude/my bitchass have been either busy or just haven’t made it a priority.

I apologize for cutting your week 2 grades/predictions posts a little short, but this topic needed to be addressed.

Clelin Ferrell has not lived up to his draft position, #4 overall of the 2019 NFL draft as far as his tangible production. As far as his intangible production, that’s a little difficult to measure because its intangible (let me know if any of you drizzledicks need a definition). The Raiders draft strategy from 2019-2021 has been well documented, they valued the intangibles moreso than any other team in the league, to establish a winning culture. They took a few reaches drafting high character guys out of high class programs. This should not be news to anyone in this blog, but here we are 2+ years later still talking about the same shit. “Ermuhgerd, Clelin Ferrell was such a turrible pick.”

There has been so much Raiders slander regarding Mike Mayock, Clelin Ferrell and the #4 overall pick of the 2019 NFL draft, that I thought it was worth looking back on that draft at our respective teams’ draft classes to set the record straight. Seriously, look at this shit.

Raiders 2019 Draft Class
1st round pick, #4 overall – Clelin Ferrell – Bust. He’s man against the run, but you don’t draft those guys with a top 20 pick.
1st round pick, #24 overall – Josh Jacobs – Quality starter/Borderline stud. He looked like a stud in his rookie year, struggled with injury and playing behind a lackluster OL his 2nd year.
1st round pick, #27 overall – Jonathan Abram – Looking busty. Year 1 injured, year 2 garbage. Year 3 in the new defensive scheme will be big for his development.
2nd round pick, #40 overall – Trayvon Mullen – Up and down CB through 2 years, pretty high upside but has had some struggles too. The Raiders young secondary hard to judge given the poor defensive scheme and talent surrounding them.
4th round pick, #106 overall – Maxx Crosby – Stud. Not bonafide stud, but stud. 2020 he was coming off of rehab and injury, but his 2019 rookie campaign was huge, and he appears to be poised for a Pro Bowl season in 2021.
4th round pick, #129 overall Isaiah Johnson – Garbage.
4th round pick, #137 overall – Foster Moreau – Solid #2 TE, would start for a dozen teams in the league.
5th round pick, #149 overall – Hunter Renfrow – GOAT. Beast. Absolute stud. 3rd and Renfrow. Fight me if you disagree with a goddamm 5th round pick.
Other Picks – Quinton Bell – Garbage.

End Results – 3 starters ranging from mid-all pro upside, 1 starter by default with… uhhh…. upside (Abram), 1 backup but starter potential TE, a stud slot WR and whatever the fuck Clelin Ferrell is for a potential middle of the road to possibly potential AFC playoff team.

Chiefs 2019 Draft Class
2nd round pick, #56 overall – Mecole Hardman – He’s fast, he makes some big plays, but has the luxury of playing alongside guys like Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins and Pat Mahomes throwing him the ball. Would he do the same in Detroit?
2nd round pick, #63 overall – Juan Thornhill – Quality starter potential, mid-high upside.
3rd round pick, #82 overall – Khalen Saunders – Some upside as a rotational interior DL but a rather low ceiling.
6th round pick, #201 overall – Rashad Fenton – #4/5 CB, has had a few good moments, but otherwise meh.
Other picks – Darwin Thompson, Nick Allegretti – Garbage, not worth noting.

End Results – 1 starter, 2 mid-high upside potential future starters, and a depth guy or two. They’re one of the most talented rosters in the league though, so they’re a bit of an anomaly in the AFCW.

Chargers 2019 Draft Class
1st round pick, #28 overall – Jerry Tillery – Lol. Had a marginal bounce back year in 2020 after an abysmal 2019. Pretty bust worthy at this point.
2nd round pick, #60 overall – Nasir Adderley – See Tillery description.
3rd round pick, #91 overall – Trey Pipkins – Complete bust from the moment it was announced.
4th round pick, #130 overall – Drue Tranquill – He’s a rotational LB. He’s not good.
Other picks – Easton Stick, Emeke Ebule, Broughton – Garbage, actually Stick could be the little engine that could as a backup QB, but you’re fucked if he’s ever called to real action.

End Results – 2 starters (neither of which you’re overly excited about), a rotational LB and a bunch a garbage.

Broncos 2019 Draft Class
1st round pick, #20 overall – Noah Fant – Quality TE, with good upside. Might break into the top tier of TE’s, might not due to injuries/drops/etc.
2nd round pick, #41 overall – Dalton Risner – Looked every bit the part of a potential Pro Bowl LG coming out of college, hasn’t quite lived up to it. Still plenty of potential.
2nd round pick, #42 overall – Drew Lock – Looking busty, unless the starting QB shits the bed (which is a possibility) and Lock comes in and redeems himself. Otherwise, another big Elway QB miss.
3rd round pick, #71 overall – Dre’Mont Jones – Was a steal at the time. It’s still probably a steal. Looks every bit the part of a potential Pro Bowl DL.
Other picks – Justin Hollins, Juwann Winfree – Not steals, they suck.

End Results – 3 mid-high upside starters, and Drew Lock whatever he is. The rest is trash.

So while you all keep talking about the #4 overall pick (I get it, he sucks), I’m looking at the big picture, and feeling juuuust fine.

Weekly Grade and Predictions

You unlock this door with a key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension – a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.
-Rod Serling

WTF is going on? The division starts 4-0, Now I have seen it all. This is an interesting beginning to the season for us all. No bragging rights for anyone to start. Lets get this party started.


Justin Herbert came out slinging it like he did last year. He went on the road and lit up what was suppose to be one of the best defenses in the league. He was 31 of 47 (65.9%) for 337 yards and a touchdown with a interception and fumble lost. Austin Ekeler had 15 carries for 51 yards and a touchdown. Keenan Allen had 9 receptions for 100 yards. The defense had 1 sack and 4 tackles for loss. Tristan Vizcaino was 2 for 2 on fieldgoals and 2 for 2 on extra points. This was a big win on the road in the eastern time zone against a quality team.

Grade: A-

Doctor Teddy Bridgewater went to Jersey and surgically dissected the Giants defense. He was 28 of 36 (77.7%) for 264 yards and 2 touchdowns with 3 carries for 19 yards. Melvin Gordon had 11 carries for 101 yards and a touchdown with 3 receptions for 17 yards. Jerry Jeudy had 6 receptions for 72 yards. The defense had 2 sacks and 5 tackles for loss. Brandon McManus was 2 for 2 on fieldgoals and 3 for 3 on extra points. This was a great win on the road that featured them going 3 for 3 on 4th down.

Grade: A

Patrick Mahomes and company came to life in the second half to pull this game out against a good Browns team. Mahomes was 27 of 36 (75%) for 337 yards and 3 touchdowns with 5 carries for 18 yards and a touchdown. Clyde Edwards-Helaire 14 carries for 43 yards with 3 receptions for 29 yards. Tyreek Hill had 11 receptions for 197 yards and a touchdown. The defense had 2 sacks and 4 takles for loss with an interception. Harrison Butker was 2 for 2 on fieldgoals and 3 for 3 on extra points.

Grade: A-

Derek Carr and company started slow and were down against a team that has not lost when leading by 14 points since 2004. Carr was great in the second half leading his team to the win. Carr was 34 of 56 (60.7%) for 435 yards and 2 touchdowns and a interception with 4 carries for 6 yards. Josh Jacobs had 10 carries for 34 yards and 2 touchdowns with 1 reception for 6 yards. Darren Waller had 10 receptions for 101 yards and a touchdown. The defense had 3 sacks with 4 tackles for loss with 2 forced fumbles and 2 fumble recoveries. This was one of the best wins this team has had in years.

Grade: A



Denver Broncos at Jacksonville Jaguars
The Broncos are going up against a rookie quarterback, Von Miller is getting his BBQ pit ready for the feast.

Broncos 27 Jaguars 17
Spread: Broncos -6
Over/Under: 45.5

Las Vegas Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers
The Raiders are heading to the east coast to play a team with one of the best defenses in the game, OUCH!

Steelers 27 Raiders 20
Spread: Raiders +6
Over/Under: 48.5

Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Chargers
Strap in because this game is going to be a flat out scoring fest with the winning team having the ball last.

Chargers 31 Cowboys 27
Spread: Chargers -3
Over/Under: 55

Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens
This game is going to see some serious offensive explosive play and will not be close or pretty.

Chiefs 37 Ravens 20
Spread: Chiefs -4
Over/Under: 55.5
Week 1: 2-2


Football is back and this was a fantastic first week for the division. On a different note, fuck all you haters that sat up waiting, wishing and praying the Raiders would lose in primetime so you could talk trash all week (Lord or should I say Lady, especially you).

NFL Season Kickoff and Predictions

What an insane year. Corona Virus, masks and vaccines. The attempted coup at the Capital, politics…………enough said. It is all over and something REALLY important is about to happen, the start to a new year of NFL Football.

It is that glorious time where each and every fan has hope that his/her team will make it to the playoffs and maybe even a Superbowl run.

The AFC West has been owned by the Kansas City Chiefs of late. They are the back to back AFC Champions as well. They spent the off-season completely retooling their offensive line after being exposed in the Superbowl by Tampa Bay. Mecole Hardman will be moving into the starting line-up opposite Tyreek Hill. They are the odds-on favorite to repeat as champions if the offensive line holds up

The Denver Broncos biggest additions were already on the team. Getting Von Miller and Courtland Sutton back from season ending injury is huge for them. They then brought in Teddy Bridgewater who won the starting quarterback position. This is the team that is hardest to predict. They have the pieces to make it to the playoffs.

The Los Angeles Chargers found their franchise quarterback in Justin Herbert, the Offensive Rookie of the Year. They also get a huge upgrade on defense with the return of Derwin James. This team does not have a lot of holes and will be in contention if they become more balanced of offense. The have stars at every level on defense.

The Las Vegas Raiders are the biggest wildcards in this division. They also retooled their offensive line in the off-season. The biggest addition was bringing in Gus Bradley to run the defense. This team will either be very competitive or a flat out shit show.



Los Angeles Chargers at Washington Football Team

This game will feature a great offense against a great defense. Going on the road to play in the humidity of the east coast equals a difficult task.

WFT 27 Chargers 21

Spread: Chargers -1

Over/Under: 44.5


Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs

This game will be won in the trenches, the Browns defensive line against the Chiefs offensive line. This one should be good.

Chiefs 31 Browns 24

Spread: Chiefs -6

Over/Under: 53


Denver Broncos at New York Giants

This return of Sutton and Miller will be the difference in this game. With that said, it will be a low scoring but highly competitive game.

Broncos 23 Giants 20

Spread: Broncos -2.5

Over/Under: 42


Baltimore Ravens at Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders in primetime against a team that features a great defense and a incredibly mobile quarterback, NO BUENO!

Ravens 31 Raiders 23

Spread: Raiders +4.5

Over/Under: 51


Football is back and not a second too soon. No more politics and other bullshit, time for something important. Let the good times roll and let me start the season off correctly:




Balls 2021 AFCW Predicktion

That’s a WRAP on the 2021 NFL Preseason for the AFCW, which means its time for my final AFCW Predicktions. The teams got through the preseason relatively healthy, with only a few small injuries. The Raiders did end up a little thin at LB, so they elected to trade for Denzel Perryman one of PFF’s top 3 rated LB’s in 2020 to play for his old defensive coordinator Gus Bradley. They appeared to shore up that position prior to the start of the season.

The Chiefs enter the season as large favorites to win the AFCW, and I see no reason to disagree with that. They have been significantly better and more consistent the last couple years than the other teams, with only the Raiders providing them a bit of a challenge in 2020, splitting the series and looking very evenly matched throughout 8 quarters of football. The Raiders lacked the consistency and overall quality of defensive play to make a strong push down the stretch.

The Chargers and Broncos have numerous areas to improve in order to be contenders in the AFCW. The Chargers elected to revamp the coaching staff around their star young QB Justin Herbert. They brought in some quality offensive lineman to give the QB time, but many question marks remain, particularly on the defensive side of the ball and the lack of experience in the new coaching staff. Meanwhile, the Broncos elected to bring in QB Teddy Bridgewater in the hopes to gain more consistency and improve on their -16 turnover differential, which was last in the league. They addressed the offensive line and brought in some new corners to hopefully improve the pass defense in 2021.

My predicktions are as follows:

Chiefs – 13-4 – Barring injury, the Chiefs are still the class of the division by at least two or 3 games. Their season begins in January. Fuck them.

Raiders – 10-7 – The Raiders continue to steadily improve under Gruden and Mayock, with the offense leading the way. The defense finally shows signs of life after several years of disappointment under Paul Guenther. They finally get back to the playoffs, and Derek Carr gets his 1st playoff start in his 9th season. GOAT.

Chargers – 8-9 – Too many holes to fill in one offseason, too much uncertainty around the coaching staff and getting everyone on the same page. They will flash at times, but will lack consistency to make the playoffs in 2021. Justin Herbert shines, Keenan Allen has another strong campaign, but the rest of the pieces on O and all 3 levels on defense leave a bit to be desired.

Broncos – 6-11 – Another year, another new QB starting in Denver makes for another year of up and down offensive output, mostly down. Denver does have some weapons to throw to, I’m just not sure they have the QB situation to fully utilize them.

AFCW MVP – Patrick Mahomes, easily.

AFCW Offense POY – Travis Kelce, easily.

AFCW Defensive POY – Justin Simmons edges out Derwin James.

AFCW Offensive ROY – Not many to choose from here, but Javonte Williams should be in for a nice season only sharing carries with MGIII and Mike Boone out for the season. A few quality rookie OL throughout the division, but don’t typically get the shiny hardware.

AFCW Defensive ROY – Trevon Moehrig gets the INT’s necessary to edge out Surtain and Samuel, Jr.

Just a casual reminder that my Predicktions for the AFCW have been pretty spot on for a number of years. I do tend to miss on one team but only one, and outside of 2017, it is never the Raiders. So think of that as you proceed to tell me how wrong I am.

Enjoy the season. Fuck your teams.

AFCW Training Camp Notes

AFCW Training camp news and notes:


  • Through two weeks of training camp practice, neither Drew Lock nor Teddy Bridgewater has elevated himself into an obvious leader in the race to become the Broncos’ starting quarterback in 2021. “Once we settle on a quarterback as the starter, obviously we’ll do the things that he does well and feels comfortable executing, and the rest of the team feels that too,” Fangio said.
  • 3 RB’s getting carries? FA RB Mike Boone has had a good camp and could make his way into the RB rotation. “Mike is a good running back; he’s got juice, he’s explosive, he’s decisive and he runs hard for a guy that’s maybe on the small side, but he doesn’t play small,” Fangio said. “Mike is not a guy to fall asleep on.”
  • 2021 3rd round pick, Quinn Meinerz, working with the 2nd Though the Broncos suggested there would be an open competition for the starting job at that position during training camp, Fangio said when it opened that Meinerz “first has to show that it needs to be a competition.” Meinerz has had a few fumbled exchanges during the first two weeks of camp and has often worked on snaps with Lock during team periods. All of this is a to-be-expected progression for a player making the leap in competition Meinerz is making.


  • The Chargers held their 10th training camp practice Sunday afternoon at SoFi Stadium with a select number of fans in attendance.
  • Linsley left practice after the first-team offense’s third possession because of a foot injury. He walked off with trainers and did not return to the field until practice was over. But he was out playing with his family after practice and did not have noticeable brace or wrap on his foot. Staley said Linsley likely would have kept playing if it was a real game. “Just making sure that we’re careful,” Staley said.
  • Michael Badgley went 3-6 during the scrimmage and was booed off the field. LOL


  • Mahomes is still really good.
  • Chris Jones dominating the LOS. He continued his impressive camp with powerful repetitions. In the team period, Jones, as the defensive end, used his bull rush against rookie right tackle Lucas Niang to pressure Mahomes into a short pass to wide receiver Gehrig Dieter that gained just a few yards. Later in the period, Jones used his 6-foot-6 frame to deflect Mahomes’ pass at the line of scrimmage. Mahomes responded a few seconds later by patting Jones’s helmet.
  • No fighting on Andy’s watch. As one of the league’s oldest coaches, Reid, 63, who is entering his 23rd season as a head coach, has never wanted his camps to be highlighted by teammates fighting. Reid explained Thursday why the Chiefs should never let their competition on the field lead to players punching one another. “We try to go at a fast pace and try to get as many plays in,” Reid said. “You get in a fight and it kind of drains the system. You’re not going to be doing very good the next play — and that’s what you’re putting on tape. We try to keep the tempo up. “I’m not big on fighting. This isn’t ultimate fighting. This is football.”


  • Raiders seem set with 6 WR’s. The trio of Henry Ruggs III, Bryan Edwards and Hunter Renfrow has consistently run with the first-team offense, and their backup lineup has been stable as well: John Brown, Zay Jones and Willie Snead IV. Brown and Jones have been interchangeable at the “X” and “Z” positions, while Snead has been a mainstay at slot receiver behind Renfrow.
  • Morrow and Littleton leading the way at LB. Morrow and Littleton are in position to take the most snaps at the second level of the defense. Nick Kwiatkoski has been the third linebacker in the rotation when Bradley has gone to a traditional 4-3 base, so he’s technically still a starter, but his inconsistencies in pass coverage are likely contributing to him being used less frequently in the nickel package. “I really like (Morrow),” Bradley said last week. “It’s very important for him to take charge of the defense and he’s in that position where he’s able to do that. So far so good with him. I really, really enjoy him, like his leadership and like his attention to detail playing that position.”
  • 2021 #17 overall pick, Alex Leatherwood, looking the part. “I think it’s probably exceeding what we were hoping for this early in camp,” offensive line coach Tom Cable said Saturday. “Just getting Alex settled and learning what the pro game’s about and getting him as many reps as we can against a guy like Yannick has been really good. But in terms of the camaraderie and the jelling of the group, it’s been outstanding. Those guys, really if you think about it, most of them have been together for a year or two already. So, it was a matter of just plugging Alex in and getting Andre ready to go. And so far, so good.”

TL:DR Fuck your teams.

Your pal,