AFC West Cap Space and Team Needs

It has been a while and I have missed you guys but now it is time to get back to business and drop a hot rock. Let me start by saying congratulations to the Chiefs on their Superbowl win (FUCK THE CHIEFS!).

We are a day away from the Scouting Combine and a few weeks away from the start of Free Agency and the official start to the NFL year. Let’s look at the salary cap situation for each team and the team needs prior to the start of free agency. We will revisit team needs along with mock drafts as the season progresses. Without further ado, let’s do this, MAN!


Raiders  $42,936,109 (11th)

The Raiders are expected to be players and sign a few top end free agents.


Chiefs  $17,139,240 (19th)

The Chiefs may focus on signing their own stars in Jones and Sneed.


Broncos -$16,811,078 (28th)

The Broncos must make a decision at quarterback and free up cap space.


Charger -$25,607,797 (29th)

The Chargers must free up a lot of cap space and make some big changes.


Overall, this will be one of the most interesting free agency periods in a long time for the AFC West as there are teams at both spectrums of the salary cap.

(Figures via Over the Cap on Feb 26)



Raiders – QB, IOL, OT, CB, RB

The Raiders must find their franchise quarterback this year. Expect them to look into moving up in the draft to get their guy.


Chiefs – DT, WR, OT, CB, RB

If the Chiefs are able to resign DT Jones, wide receiver will be the top priority.


Broncos – QB, DT, TE, CB, Edge

If the Broncos move on from Russell, quarterback becomes the top priority.


Chargers – CB, RB, DT, TE, C

The Chargers have to fix their secondary and find a true number one cornerback.


What surprises will this off season bring…….only the Shadow knows. It should make for some great entertainment.