Draft Preview

Well now that the season is over and the Chiefs are preparing for their usual extremely brief stint in the playoffs it’s time to look to next year and the draft. We will start with QBs because Rivers is old, the Broncos 3 QBs together don’t make one decent high school player, Carr has let his eyeliner officially turn him into a lady, and the Chiefs are obviously getting 15 first round picks for Smith.

Sam Darnold USC

First of all, get a haircut bro.  Dudes with weird orange hair shouldn’t be flaunting it around.

Anyway, Darnold had a stellar freshman season and capped it off with a solid performance in the Rose Bowl or some other bowl against Penn State. He’s relatively mobile and has a great pocket presence that allows him to navigate the pocket like Luke Skywalker flying an X-Wing to blow up the Death Star.

He has the capability of making all the throws and does so with touch allowing his receivers to make plays. He has had a lot of talent around him and it has helped him to look better in some situations but he is by far the most NFL ready QB in college right now.

In 2017 Darnold took a couple steps back in the turnover arena, seemingly giving the ball away like he was channeling his inner Philip Rivers, yet he played significantly better in the second half of games.  He has not officially declared for the NFL draft but I do not think he will stay at USC. It will do nothing for his draft stock and teams will be looking to him to be a day one starter at the next level.