Broncos vs Vikings

Because certain biased individuals fail to see the positive impact of having a quality QB on your team, and also cannot see the negative impact of having a terrible one, we will be looking at pff grades from both the Vikings (13 wins omg) and the Broncos (recently went from #3 pick to a playoff win).

QBs can tire defenses out if they have too many 3 and outs, pick 6s, 2 and INTs, or even my favorite, the 1 and fumble.  They impact the OL because if you have no pocket awareness, and cannot move with the pocket, then pass blocking for them becomes impossible. They impact WRs, in the obvious way, by throwing catchable passes. Preferably further than 3 yards down field, and preferably at someone in the same colored jersey.  They impact running backs because when they suck the defense can stack the box.

While keeping that in mind, let’s look at the grades.  I will try to keep it to the players who Keenum played with and who he will play with this year.  Also let it be known that I have resorted to using PFF grades because with the exception of maybe Balls and myself (I watched every Vikings game BTW) I honestly doubt anyone here has watched more than 2 Vikings games in the last year.


Case Keenum- 85.3 #9 QB

Trevor Siemian- 53.2  #36 QB

Clearly we have a major advantage in Keenum.   While he was a top 10 QB in the league Trevor seemed to play worse than 2 backups that registered grades.  85.3 is a high quality grade while 53.2 is a poor grade.  Lets see if the surrounding casts are much different from each other.

Running Backs

Latavius Murray- 77.1

CJ Anderson- 86.0

DeVontae Booker- 72.9

I added Anderson in here because he was the starting back and you would expect Bookers #s to improve as a starter.  But even removing that fact this seems like a draw.  Both sides earning average grades.  Draw.

Offensive Line

LT Riley Rieff- 48.6

LT Garrett Bolles- 68.8

LG Jeremiah Sirles- 45.2

LG Ron Leary- 81.2

C Pat Eflein- 43.2

C Matt Paradis- 75.2

RG Joe Berger- 75.7

RG Connor McGovern- 40.2

RT Mike Remmers- 69.6

RT Jared Veldheer- 54.3

(Watson- 38.9)

Left side of the line obvious advantage to the Broncos.   Right side Vikings.   Difference maker comes down to Center where despite having an off year Paradis has the much better grade and was still the #9 center in the league.   Velheer may hopefully bring some better play at RT improving his grade off his injury shortened season but I’m not holding my breath.   Advantage Broncos.

Tight Ends

Kyle Rudolph- 73.1

Jeff Heuerman- 73.6

(Virgil Green- 43.1)

I know Rudolph had a down year.  But that is the TE that Keenum played with.   I added in Green here because he was the starter and to also show the Chargers how shitty of a TE he is.   Heuerman played well in limited play actually earning a higher grade than Rudolph.   With question marks around Butts and Heuerman’s lack of play I give a very slight edge to Minnesota.

Wide Receivers

Stefon Diggs- 85.4

Demaryius Thomas- 75.3

Adam Thielen- 84.6

Emmanuel Sanders- 70.7

Here it is the real “difference” between the 2 offenses.  But lets look at it this way.   Both Thielen and Diggs both just had the best years of their young careers. Both in their 3rd year playing had their best years ever by far (Diggs is when you look at the fact he missed games) when Keenum became their QB and conversely Thomas and Sanders have been suffering since Manning left.   I’ll give the maybe edge to the Vikings but this is too close to call now.   Its pretty hard to grade well as a WR if the QB can’t get you the ball further than 5 yards down the field.

Defensive Fronts

Edge Danielle Hunter- 82.6

Edge Shaqil Barrett- 82.1

DT Tom Johnson- 77.7

DE/DT Derek Wolfe- 78.0

NT Linval Joseph- 88.7

NT Domata Peko- 80.0

Everson Griffen- 89.2

Adam Gotsis- 77.1

Edge Anthony Barr- 71.4

Edge Von Miller- 95.0

Going position by position there is no major difference here except for Griffen is better than Gotsis and Miller is way better than Barr.   There is a small difference between Peko and Joseph but the overwhelming difference between Miller and Barr evens this out.   Draw.


Erik Kendricks- 75.1

Todd Davis- 77.1

Ben Gedeon- 76.2

Brandon Marshall- 54.6

Brandon Marshall’s score here surprises me. I knew he had an off year but I didn’t think it was this bad.   But lets be honest.  Both of these groups are average at best.   I should say draw here but slight advantage Vikings.


Trae Waynes- 74.1

Bradley Roby- 84.0

Xavier Rhodes- 80.2

Chris Harris Jr.- 83.5

The obvious advantage is Denver here.  Even though Waynes was often replaced with Terrance Newman, Newman only scored a 75.   Denver hands down.


SS Andrew Sendejo- 86.8

SS Justin Simmons- 80.2

FS Harrison Smith- 97.0

FS Darian Stewart- 70.3

Harrison Smith is the best S in the game.  And yes the obvious swing is to the Vikings here.   Stewart is coming off an off year without TJ Ward and maybe he will continue to struggle without him.  Advantage Vikings.

So being that I believe the topic was that the Vikings are “top to bottom better than Denver, except Miller and Harris” and the fact that there is no real other way to judge this outside of “well imo” or “Obviously they’re better I don’t need to give proof”, PFF would strongly disagree.  In fact in more ways than one these teams are remarkably similar in many ways.  So I will give you this.  The Vikings are better coached.   On a talent base I don’t see how they’re that much better.