Round One

Round 1 is in the books and there were quite a few surprises.  Baker Mayfield going #1, the Colts passing on Chubb, the Bills trading up twice, both Edmunds brothers going in the first rd and 4 QBs taken in the first 10. But let’s get into the ACFW picks.

#5 Denver Broncos

Well Chubb was supposed to go at #2 or at #4.  While the Browns were on the clock Denver actually had a deal in place to trade back with Buffalo (more on that later). When the Colts passed the deal fell apart because Denver couldn’t pass on Chubb.  While in my opinion Chubb would thrive in a 4-3 as a DE with his hand on the ground, I have looked into his tests to see how far he is from Von Miller, an ideal 3-4 OLB.

Chubb doesn’t have Von’s flat out speed, nor should he being that he weighed 20+ lbs more than him at their respective combines, but he is quicker.  Chubbs 3- cone drill and 20 yard shuttle times are both much better than Miller’s. So I also decided to look for another 3-4 OLB that matches his size and speed and I can only find Jadeveon Clowney.  While Jadeveon is slightly more of a physical freak than Chubb is, he lacks the mental makeup you’d like in a star player. Injuries and other things have slowed Clowney’s progress, but he had 9.5 sacks in his first full season last year.

I don’t think Chubb needs the time to be coached up like Clowney did and expect him to produce this year, but I can’t help think he’d be better off like Joey Bosa and playing a 4-3 DE.

When it all comes down to it Denver took the best defensive talent in the draft, a player that everyone is assuming will be a multiple time pro bowler.  At some point you just can’t fight it.  The pass rush in Denver will be nasty.

Grade:  A-

#15 Oakland Raiders

Well it seems like the Raiders came into this round OT or bust.  With all the pass rush in the AFCW this isn’t a terrible idea. When the target they obviously had their eyes on went to the 9ers at #9, OAK was forced to trade back with ARI at #15.  While according to the draft chart, they didn’t get fleeced like some previously thought, they did get a little less value than the #10 is worth.  They then took their newly acquired 3rd rd pick and traded for Martavis Bryant.

What they get in Martavis is an extremely fast big play WR, who also happens to be on the NFL shit list. Now I don’t know if and what other teams were offering for Bryant, but a 3rd seems a little high for a guy on the substance abuse list who has attitude problems.  It just seems like too much of a risk to me.  Can Gruden be BB and straighten him out?  Maybe.

But the pick was Kolton Miller a LT out of UCLA. Now there are a lot of ways to look at this pick. Was he overdrafted? Yes. Is he a true LT and not RT? Yes. Are the reviews pretty mixed on this guy? Yes. But I see a guy who can get better. With added strength he can add to his athleticism for the mammoth of a tackle that he is.  Donald Penn is 35 and his contract is up soon, so Miller has a year to prepare himself to be the Raiders OT of the future.

There are many ways to look at this and think OAK should have gotten more. Or OAK should have taken so and so.  But when the 9ers took McGlinchey they basically fucked OAK. They couldn’t take Miller at 10 and they took what they could get for it.  They couldn’t risk trading back again in case another team decided they needed an OT in this thin class. At the end of the day, if you’re a results oriented person, you got an OT to possibly replace Newhouse and in the future Penn, and a deep threat for your QB.

Grade: B-

#17 LA Chargers

Well fuck. Not much to say about this one because it’s a hell of a steal.  With Tre Boston not being resigned, Derwin James will come in and be an instant upgrade. This kid is nasty. He’s a big hitter who is fast and can make some huge plays.  His coverage skills are not elite but they can be taught. His instinct is there just needs some polishing.

Yes the Chargers did take another player with a knee injury on their record but really when have injuries hurt them?

My only knock on this pick is the problem with their defense isn’t the secondary. They gave up a ton of yards on the ground last year.  While Vea was gone I still would have addressed that need first.  Derwin has the ability to help in the run game but it’s not in your best interest to have your safetys driving your run defense.  But in the end they got a hell of a player that fills a need.

Grade: A

Final thoughts

Denver had a deal in place with Buffalo who really wanted Allen. They ended up moving up 5 spots instead of 7 and got absolutely fleeced by the Bucs. I can’t help but wonder how much more Denver could have gotten out of them if CLE did what they were supposed to do and drafted Chubb. Even if it was just the 2 #2s and an added 3 or 4 it would be intriguing to see what could have been.

There is still a ton of talent on the board. If you’re a Chiefs fan you better hope Mahomes was worth it for missing out on a deep draft. With the picks today there will be plenty of talent for OAK and DEN to choose from. And should be some goodies for the Chiefs and SD.

Good luck on Day 2.