The Gruden Files (Grades and Predictions Too)

This has been one of the worst weeks for the Raiders and RaiderNation. This was the season that felt different, felt good, felt right. The first three weeks of the season had us all asking the question, is this the year? Will they really do it this year? Are they going to really get back into the playoffs?

Then the last two weeks happened and we were all left with that oh so familiar feeling in our guts, here we go again. Losing to a division rival is never good but to be down 21-0 at halftime says it all. You take the loss with a grain of salt and move on knowing you have a chance to bounce back the following week against a sub-par team in your house. Instead, you lose to a rookie quarterback and an offense that put up 252 total yards for the game and lose by double digits. Did I mention it was to a rookie quarterback?

During the game, I kept saying that the team had quit on him. From the way they were playing it just seemed like their hearts were not into it. Like something was bothering them. Even the post game interviews seemed like they were just giving the company line with no real feeling.

Well, in the middle of Monday Night Football it happened. Jon Gruden resigned. The Raiders have been a sub-par team every since Gruden took over (22-31) but this clown show finally came to a painful and much needed end.

When the report came out that he had made racist comments about NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith, a lot of his former players came to his defense to include Mr. Raider himself, Tim Brown saying “I’ve heard Jon use the term rubber lips before, meaning that this guy’s double-talking, or he’s doing whatever. That’s just a term that he uses.” Considering what Gruden actually wrote, “Dumboriss Smith has lips the size of Michelin tires”, and knowing the content as to how he has used this term in the past, most of us gave him the benefit of the doubt. Boy, were we ever wrong.

The skies went from ugly to pitch black when the rest of the emails came out and were forwarded to Mark Davis and the Raiders. To know that this leader of men was so callous, bigoted, racist, homophobic and misogynistic is down right sickening. This team has suffered some lows but this is rock bottom. Al Davis turned over in his grave when this came to light. Did he forget what Mr. Davis and the Raiders organization has stood for over the years (While the AFL Commissioner, Mr. Davis drafted the first African American Quarterback in the first round in either league. He hired the first African American Referee. He hired the First African American Head Coach. He hired the first Latino Head Coach. He hired the first Female CEO)?

One of the things that I have always hung my hat on is the Raiders don’t care if you are purple, female and from Mars, if you can play and help the team, they will give you a shot. What am I and the rest of the fans to think not to even mention the team, executives and administrative staff that he has let down.

The shear thought that 59 of the 79 (74.6%) players on this team (Active, Practice Squad and IR) are Black, of color or gay. How do these guys feel now? To find out the guy that they have followed into battle and in a lot of cases came to play for, what he really feels about them. They all have to feel betrayed to a degree. The fallout to his actions will follow him but it will follow the Raiders as well and that is the part that really hurts especially when you consider that he did this while working for ESPN. The Raiders had to address the situation and will forever be the scapegoats for his actions but ESPN and the NFL are the real culprits and get to walk away smelling like roses which is straight BULLSHIT.

MS is a place where we come and know we are not going to agree, going to say some pretty bad things about each other and the teams we support and give any and everyone shit about everything. We are also crazy supportive of each other, helpful and crazy protective of this place. (I just got the feel of the old Under Armour commercials, “We must protect this house!”) With that said, this thing with Gruden and the Raiders is really a slap in the face and I expect you guys to give us shit about it for years. I also hope that this kind of crap comes to an end one day. In the end, we are all human…..well most of us.


They were shitty against a shitty team.
Grade: D

They were shittier against a shittier team.
Grade: F-

They were shitty against a good team.
Grade: D

They were good against a good team.
Grade: A

Los Angeles Chargers at Baltimore Ravens
This will be a great test for the Chargers as the Ravens have won 4 straight.
Ravens 30 Chargers 21
Spread: Chargers +3
Over/Under: 51.5

Kansas City Chiefs at Washington Football Team
The Chiefs are going to be out for blood in this game.
Chiefs 35 WFT 20
Spread: Chiefs -6.5
Over/Under: 55.5

Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos
This is going to be flat out UGLY!
Broncos 31 Raiders 13
Spread: Broncos +3.5
Over/Under: 44
Last Week: 2-2 Season: 10-8

You all know this article would not be complete without me posting my tag line: FUCK GRUDEN!!!