Weekly Grade and Predictions

Another week of football and another week of can someone please explain what the hell is going on with this division. Let’s go…..

When your defense holds the Chiefs to 19 points at Arrowhead, you expect to have a chance to win the game. Well……when you score your first points in the game with 6:07 left in the game, not so much. Russell Wilson is struggling (95 Passing Yards). Sean Payton’s play calling is HORRIBLE. So far, it looks like the Broncos should have kept the 1st round pick. This nightmare of a season has a long way to go.
Grade: D

The Chiefs did not have their best showing in this game but they had T-Swift there so Kelce (124 Yards) went nuts and they found a way to win. The offense was stagnant all night and especially on 3rd down (4 of 13). With that said, Harrison Butker was 4 for 4 on fieldgoals and the defense had 4 sacks, 2 interceptions and fumble recovery. Finding a way to get a division win when you are not at your best is always a good thing.
Grade: B-

Once again the Raiders found a way to win a game inspite of bad play calling by Josh McDaniels. The defense was great in the 1st half not allowing the Patriots to run a single play inside of the 20 yard line. They surrendered 14 points in the second half to make the game close but a safety sealed the game for them. Mad Maxx Crosby is on a mission. All in all, this game should not have been close but bad play calling, quarterback injuries (Jimmy G is hurt again) and crappy redzone play kept the Patriots in the game. Something has to be done and NOW!
Grade: B-

This is another game of BAD coaching decisions that cost the Chargers the game. The team was down 3 in the second half and instead of taking the easy fieldgoal and tying the game, Staley went for it on 4th and 1 and didn’t get it. In a close game, you have to take the points. Well…..guess what happened, the Chargers lost by 3 at home. This has to stop. This team is too good to lose game like this. The question is when will they realize this.
Grade: C+



Las Vegas Raiders at Chicago Bears
This could be the battle of the back-up quarterbacks.
Raiders 20 Bear 17
Spread: -3 Raiders
Over/Under: 37.5

Green Bay Packers at Denver Broncos
If there was ever a pickem game this is it.
Packers 23 Broncos 20
Spread: +1 Broncos
Over/Under: 45

Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs
Which teams will show up for this game.
Chiefs 28 Chargers 20
Spread: -5.5 Chiefs
Over/Under: 48
Season: 12-8

Football use to be basis addition and subtraction. This season, the AFC West is Advanced Calculus and getting more and more difficult. Whatever is happening, it has become a pain in the ass.