After signing the best QB in free agency, what’s next for Denver?

As free agency starts it appears Denver will sign Case Keenum to a 2 year 36 million dollar deal. This move leaves huge questions marks for Denver moving forward. Is this going to be Case’s team for the next two years and beyond? Or will Denver still use their 5th overall pick to grab another […]

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2018 Compensatory Draft Picks (AFC West)

When the salary cap era of the NFL began in 1993, many changes came to the league other than just the eponym of this era. One of those changes was the introduction of unrestricted free agency. Another was to reduce the number of rounds in the draft from twelve to seven. However, while there have […]

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Quenton Nelson

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Next Draft Profile

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The Rest of the QBs

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Draft Profile QB2

Well moving on from a guy who is now rumored to be staying in college showing off his tremendous USC ineptitude we continue down the path to the draft with our #2 or possibly now #1 QB.

Baker Mayfield OU

Ok so he’s not the poster boy of what you want your kids emulating. And maybe he’s had to apologize a few hundred times for some childish antics, and maybe the police in Tennessee or where ever don’t like him very much. But the kid can flat out ball.

While most of you probably only watched him play one game this entire season, you really missed out on the strength of his arm, his mobility, and his ability to find the open receiver. He played two of the best defenses in college Football this year that were loaded with NFL talent and dominated for 6 of the 8 qtrs.

He has the ability to throw on the run and make all of the pro throws from the pocket. Although he comes from a spread offense (pretty much every College QBS does these days) and will have to learn a pro-style offense, he has the football IQ to accomplish this feat.  […]

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Draft Preview

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Football is dumb: An early 2017 review

Here’s why your team sucks in 10 words or less.
Denver Broncos:
Trevor Siemian and Menelik Watson started multiple games.

Kansas City Chiefs
5-0 to “Oh no!”

Las Vegas Raiders
Their $125M Carr is a lemon.

Los Angeles Clippers
More injuries than home fans.

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Week 10 picks

Week 10 picks:


LAC @ JAX -3.5

The Chargers head out east to take on the league’s best defense (yes, you read that right Broncos fans), in what should be an easy cover for the Jags. Should be. Like I said earlier in the week, the Chargers are the type of team that’s dumb enough to go […]

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NFL Week 10

The Raiders and Chiefs are on byes this week, so the AFCW is rather quiet.

The Chargers already lost to the Jaguars the only way they know how, by giving it away. The Broncos are kicking off shortly at home vs the New England Patriots with their season on the line. Can the Broncos get another […]

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