NFL Week 10

The Raiders and Chiefs are on byes this week, so the AFCW is rather quiet.

The Chargers already lost to the Jaguars the only way they know how, by giving it away. The Broncos are kicking off shortly at home vs the New England Patriots with their season on the line. Can the Broncos get another […]

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Life as a Raider fan

The Oakland/Los Angeles/Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders, everyone’s favorite team. They are either your favorite team to love or your favorite team to love to hate, there seems to be no middle ground for probably the most polarizing team in the league. Their fans are probably the most loyal in the NFL and maybe all of sports, […]

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Week 7 picks

Well 3/4s of the AFC West would like to forget last weekend ever happened. But I think we all can agree when I say no one cares about the Chargers. Moving on, this weekend should be full of salt as we get a duo of AFC West match ups. The Chiefs will go to Oakland […]

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Week 6 Picks

After going 2-1 last week my record on articles goes to 3-3. What a comeback. We got some good games in the AFC West this week. Will the Chiefs put their demons behind them and beat the Steelers? Who wins the must win game in Oakland? Will Denver shit the bed against the Giants JV […]

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Week 5 Match-Ups

It’s everyone’s least favorite week of the year. Denver’s bye week. But I guess we can still be distracted with the other three AFC West games. We got a game in each time slot on Sunday so our hate can last all day. I was 1-2 on my last picks. So take this article with […]

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Game Day: MS Retreat 2017 Style

Game day has arrived, Raiders vs Broncos at 2:25 mountain time. We are en route, with all the tailgate gear loaded up. Bobcat is riding in the backseat obviously, Winddemon got over his 3.2 Flu yesterday, McNutty (draped in his god awful Von Miller tee shirt) has fulfilled his Colorado Kush fix, and our fearless […]

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Week 3 Match-ups

Week 3 Match-ups

Here we are already going into week 3. Time flies when the Chargers are blowing games in the 4th quarter. After 2 weeks we still have 3 undefeated teams inside our division and the Chargers arguably could be 2-0 instead of Denver. The AFC West is the best division in the NFL and […]

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Week Two Matchups

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Week One Matchups

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AFC West Training Camp Takeaways

Training Camp is upon us, and some teams are already nearly a week in. Let’s take a look at at few of the takeaways from each of the teams’ training camps in the AFC West.
Los Angeles Chargers (I remembered LA this time):

Forrest Lamp Carted Off With Knee Injury – Incredible. Some teams just cannot […]

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