Weekly Grade and Predictions

We are seven games into the new season and the Chiefs have a commanding three game lead on the Raiders. Oh well…there is always next year…..WTF! Lets go…

Brian Hoyer went into this game with a record of 0-12 as a starter in his last 12 games, let’s make it 0-13 now. This was a complete disgrace in every aspect of the game. The offense sputtered all game. The defense was destroyed by a rookie undrafted quarterback as well as giving up 173 rushing yards (D’Onta Foreman 3 TDs). Josh McDaniels was outcoached and outclassed in every way. For a team that could have gone over .500 to play like this says they were not prepared by the coaching staff and once again the play calling was horrible.
Grade: F- (Josh McDaniels is the WORSE coach in the the League)

Justin Herbert and the Chargers were going head to head with the Chiefs in Arrowhead in the first half and were down by only 7 at the half. The second half was a complete nightmare for the offense and Herbert. Let’s see, interception, 3 and out, 3 and out, 3 and out and another interception. No way are you beating the Chiefs playing like that. To there credit, the Chargers defense only allowed 7 point in the second half. Overall, the Chargers offense killed any chance of them winning this game.
Grade: C-

Patrick Mahomes to Travis Kelce was unstoppable in this game. Kelce had 12 catches for 179 yards and a touchdown. Mahomes threw for 424 yards and 4 touchdowns. With that said, the Chiefs defense was the story of the day. For the seventh consecutive game, they held their opponent to 21 or fewer points. They are the only team in the league this season to do so. The only thing the Chiefs did not do well was score in the second half.
Grade: B+

The Broncos finally won a game at home. The offense was balanced and had 145 yards on the ground and 194 passing yards. Although they got the win, they struggled in the red zone. In four trips inside the Packer’s 20 yard line, they only scored one touchdown. Wil Lutz made 4 fieldgoals and accouted for most of the scoring. The Broncos defense sealed the win with a late interception.
Grade: B


Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos
This one could get ugly and quick.
Chiefs 31 Broncos 17
Spread: -8 Chiefs
Over/Under: 46

Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Chargers
This one should be a walk in the park.
Chargers 28 Bears 20
Spread: -8.5 Chargers
Over/Under: 46.5

Las Vegas Raiders at Detroit Lions
Can you say Lambs to the Slaughter
Lions 37 Raiders 9
Spread: -8.0 Lions
Over/Under: 45.5
Season: 13-10

Football is such a great sport so why does this division have to suck ass except for one team. This is getting old but we have to watch and the Cognac bottle is starting to call my name. Onward and downward.