NFL Season Kickoff and Predictions

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”
— JP Morgan

Another NFL season is upon us and boy, oh boy, are there a lot of unanswered question with every team in the division. How will these questions be answered.

The Raiders have a new quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo. With that said, he may be a better fit for the offense, but can he stay healthy, and can he do it without a team that has a top tier defense, time will tell.

The Broncos were sold to Walmart……um…Rob Walton and then traded for Head Coach Sean Payton. Can he get quarterback Russell Wilson back on track? Can he get the most out his offense with only 4 wide receivers on the roster and one of them injured, time will tell.

The Chargers are coming off a playoff season where they surrendered the third largest lead in playoff history (27 points). Will Head Coach Brandon Staley do a better job in important game situations, and more importantly will the team stay healthy and play up to the talent that is there, time will tell.

The Chiefs are dealing with their best defensive player (Chris Jones) holding out and one of their starting defensive end (Charles Omenihu) being suspended for the first six games. Will All Pro TE Travis Kelce be himself after his injury scare and will the 7……..count them, 7 receiver on the roster fill the void, time will tell.



Detroit Lion at Kansas City Chiefs

This is the season opener but it has a lot of mystery to it. With the Superbowl Champions hosting this game and going 14-4, the odds favor the Chiefs.

Chiefs 31 Lions 27

Spread: -4.5 Chiefs

Over/Under: 52.5


Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos

The Garoppolo era starts for the Raiders as does the Payton era for the Broncos. The Raiders have beaten the Broncos 7 game in a row, does that streak come to an end?

Raiders 27 Broncos 24

Spread: -3.5 Broncos

Over/Under: 44


Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Chargers

The Dolphins track team comes to town and the Chargers defense will face their first significant test.

Dolphins 31 Chargers 27

Spread: -3 Chargers

Over/Under: 51

It has been a long off season for us all but we are a day away from the joy of major trash talking…….wait…….sports trash talking…….wait……more trash talking, there it is. All things considered, we could be looking at a season full of parody and that is quite exciting.

Football is back!!!

Let the REAL trash talking begin!!!