AFC West News Updates

JMC Weekly Report – With Training Camps slated to start for the division on July 28th (Except for the Chiefs who will open Training Camp on July 25th due to their season opener on Thursday, September 10th), most of us are chomping at the bit for football. Let’s keep it real, we are chomping at the bit for ANY kind of sports because of Covid 19.

The AFC West is presently owned by the Superbowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs (I just threw-up in my mouth writing that) and they are the odds on favorite to win it again according to SportsLine’s R.J. White. Here are the odds so far:

1. Kansas City Chiefs – 4-1
14. Los Angeles Chargers – 25-1
17. Las Vegas Raiders – 30-1
21. Denver Broncos – 50-1

The interesting thing is the other teams in the division have vastly improved (on paper) and should make this division one of the best. Each team has addressed most of their needs but also have some questions (Chiefs – Cornerback, Chargers – Offensive Tackle, Raiders – Wide Receiver, Broncos – Offensive Tackle). I am very interested in seeing how these positions will work out for each team.

News Updates

Kansas City Chiefs
NFL.COM has a very good look at the Chiefs and the upcoming year. This is a good read and assessment of the team:

The Kansas City Star ran a great story on QB Patrick Mahomes for speaking out:

Bleacher Report has a story on the top 7 Pass Rush Duos and the Chiefs have the #5 duo:

Los Angeles Chargers has a interesting take on the Chargers big name secondary: is reporting that QB Colin Kaepernick is in play for the Chargers:

Bleacher Report did a story on the top 7 Pass Rusher Duos and the Chargers have the #2 duo:

Denver Broncos ranks the Peyton Manning as the best free agent signing in the decade:

Bleacher Report did a story on the top 7 Pass Rush Duos and the Broncos have the #4 duo:

Broncoswire ran a story about Jerry Jeudy’s workout he posted on twitter:

Las Vegas Raiders
The Athletic has a great story about the 30-35 players working out in Las Vegas:

(If you don’t have a subscription, you can get a free one month trial)

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has a story and a first look at the Raiders new practice facility and Headquarters in Henderson, NV:

NFL.COM is reporting that the Raiders will host the Pro Bowl in 2021:

Football will be here soon (we hope) and it is just what the doctor ordered. More news updates to come.

…Thank you JMC for your write up.