AFCW Rest of Season Outlook

AFCW – Rest of Season Outlook. Kind of…


Chiefs: They’re on cruise control without any real challengers for the division title. With an easier schedule ahead, they’ll probably end up with the conference #1 seed. Fat Andy does it again.


Chargers: At 7-6, the Chargers are in the hunt for a WC spot. Sunday’s game vs. TEN, also 7-6, is a must win game. Their schedule is pretty favorable after this weekend, so a win vs. the Titans will go a long way towards getting them in the dance.


Raiders: After yet another inexcusable loss while holding a double digit lead, the season is over for the silver and black. As if it wasn’t before. Another cluster fuck of a season. But hey, MD is cashing in and has a really cool house.


Broncos: The Walton family has their work cut out for them this offseason with their lame duck QB ravaging their salary cap like what they’ve done to small businesses around the country. Maybe they can play spoiler with the remaining divisional games. Maybe not.



– Nori