Weekly Grade and Predictions

This weekend we kinda saw things getting back to normal. One team looks good and the rest of the division, well, we have no idea as to what we are getting week to week. No need to prelong this thing……

This game was over at the opening kick-off. The Chiefs were up 34-0 at halftime to prove it. The true sign that this game was over was when they pulled Patrick Mahomes out and let Blaine Gabbert not only play but let let him actually throw the ball (5 attempts, 2 INTs). One thing I did not understand was when Mahomes got his ankle rolled up , the team up by 34 points and they left him in the game. Bad coaching decision but it did not cost the team.
Grade: A

For the first time in the history of the Brandon Staley Chargers, he was out Chargered by the Kevin O’Connell Vikings. You had to witness this game to believe it. The Chargers were up 4, with 1:51 left in the game and on their own their own 24 yard line, they decided to go for it and failed. Now that is the Chargers we all know and love. The Viking screwed it up with horrible clock management and then ignoring Justin Jefferson (7-149-1) with the game on line, Cousins tried to force the ball in and had it picked off. I guess it had to happen.
Grades: B

The Raiders are 0-4 in primetime games with McDaniels as the Head Coach. This game was Staley-esque coaching. When you are at home and one of the best receivers in the game is on fire (Adams 13-172-2), with 2:22 left in the game, at the opponent’s 8 yard line and down 8 points, you kick a fieldgoal, WTF!!! You can’t help but hear Herm Edwards saying “You play to win the game”. Not if you are the Raiders. They are going from bad to flat out stupid. When will enough be enough.
Grade: C-

The Broncos gave us a game that no one will be forgetting about anytime soon. Let’s see…..726 yards of offense, 70 points and 3 turnovers, that is what the Broncos gave up. This was way beyond bad or embarrassing, this was other worldly. Did I mention a 70 burger. They surrendered team records in yards and points. No team had score this many points in a game since 1966. Wait…..a 70 burger. There is nothing and I mean nothing good that can be taken from this game.
Grade: F-

Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears
The battle between the 0-3 teams. Who wins????
Broncos 26 Bears 20
Spread: -3.5 Broncos
Over/Under: 46

Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers
Division game that will be ugly for the loser.
Chargers 28 Raiders 20
Spread: -5.5 Chargers
Over/Under: 47.5

Kansas City Chiefs at New York Jets
This game could be ugly and ugly quick.
Chiefs 31 Jets 17
Spread: -9.5 Chiefs
Over/Under: 42.5
Season: 6-5

Well let’s face it, this division has more holes in it than swiss cheese and more personalities than Sybil. This could be the weekend that the Chiefs wrap it up, wait, this is only week 4. Oh well, c’est la vie.