Weekly Grade and Predictions

This week we saw a bunch of close games and most were mind numbingly tedious. They were predictable but tedious none the less. So here we go,,,,

Patrick Mahomes had an off game and it almost cost the Chiefs a win. With that said, Isaiah Pacheco carried the load with 158 scrimmage yards and a touchdown. This game was close into the 4th quarter until the Jets fumbled and the Chiefs went of a 7:24 drive to win the game. A win is a win.
Grade: B-

When the Broncos were down 28-7 in the 3rd quarter, it seemed as this was going to end really bad. Then something happened that no one saw coming, the Broncos woke up. The whole team got involved. Russell Wilson threw 2 touchdowns and the defense scored and sealed the game with an interception. This was a fantastic win.
Grade: B

Aiden O’Connell made his NFL debut and it was one that showed some possibilities and one that was filled with rookie mistakes. He was sacked 7 times (most were because he held on to the ball too long), fumbled 3 times (which led to 2 touchdowns for the Chargers) and a game sealing interception. With all of that they were in the game but found a way to lose.
Grade: C-

When this offense is held to 85 yards and 0 points in the second half of a game, you expect them to lose, the defense had other plans. Khalil Mack reminded the team that drafted and traded him, who and what he was. Mack had 6 sacks and was a one man wrecking crew. Winning a game like this against a division foe on the road is always great.
Grade: B-

Kansas City Chiefs at Minnesota Vikings
This game should be a shootout and a lot of scoring.
Chiefs 31 Vikings 23
Spread: -4 Chiefs
Over/Under: 52.5

New York Jets at Denver Broncos
This could be a make or break game for both teams.
Broncos 24 Jets 20
Spread: -1.5 Broncos
Over/Under: 43.5

Green Bay Packers at Las Vegas Raiders
This game could be the season for the Raiders.
Packers 24 Raicers 20
Spread: -1.0 Packers
Over/Under: 44.5
Season: 9-5

It’s official, football is meant to drive you crazy. In this division, it is even worse. Well……we can always talk trash to each other.