AFCW Week 15 Preview – A farewell to Oakland edition

I’m going to keep it simple this week for the Chiefs, Broncos, and Chargers. Not because I’m a Raider homer and I hate all your teams, but because there is a greater meaning to this week with the grand finale of the Oakland Raiders.

Broncos at Chiefs:

My Predicktion – It’s not close. The Chiefs are playing for a much needed bye week, and Fat Andy will have Lock figured out after only 2 weeks as a starting QB.

Chiefs 27, Broncos 17

Vikings at Chargers:

My predicktion – I think this will be a good game. Vikings are a little banged up with an injury to Cook, and b/u Mattison nursing an ankle injury. They should get Thielen back, but Diggs has his work cut out for him against Casey Hayward. If Rivers can avoid being Givers, I think the Chargers get a W here.

Chargers 24, Vikings 21

Jaguars at Raiders:

*Wipes a tear* All I can think of right now is the lyrics to The End by The Doors. This is the end, my friend.

The very last time the Raiders take the field for the city of Oakland in the Coliseum that they’ve called home for the majority of the franchise’s existence.

It wasn’t fancy. Quite the opposite actually.

But it was home. It defined Oakland.

Walking over the pass from BART and through the concrete halls smelling of beer and weed with 60,000 people who’re ready for a throwdown chanting, “Raaaaiiiiiiiderrrrrrrssssss” in complete unison that just sends a shiver down your spine. If you never heard it, not anywhere else, but there, it was special. The Black Hole transcended the toughness that Al Davis once instilled in his proud franchise.

I don’t expect everyone to get it.

Raider Nation is nationwide with fans from all over, but those of us who were close, Bay Area natives like Rock, long time season ticket holders like JMC, the place was special to us. It was ours. Not sure how much I’m looking forward to Las Vegas. The stadium is going to be insane. It’ll have all the bells and whistles, but it won’t have the city of Oakland behind it. The Town. The people who made the Raiders, the Raiders. We’ll see what the future holds, will the Oakland faithful be there? I sure hope so because it won’t be the same without ‘em.

Oh yeah, there’s a game being played too.

My predicktion:

It hasn’t been pretty for the Raiders, losers of 3 straight. Loser is actually a nice way to put it because they’ve got their asses kicked 3 weeks in a row. Not this week though. Not against a 4-9 Jags team that isn’t good in any phase of the game. The Raiders will come out with something extra this week and leave on a high note.

Raiders 31, Jags 20

Yours Truly,