Weekly Grade and Predictions

What a weird weekend of football. You want to talk about Jekyll and Hyde, that seems to be the best way to describe this division. When Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get”, he was talking about the 2023 AFC West. We have no clue what we are going to get from quarter to quarter.



The Raiders had the first possession of the game, and it was a masterpiece. They went right down the field and scored a touchdown. The rest of the game was a nightmare. Not a regular nightmare but one that made the ones on Elm Street look like a Disney movie. Every aspect of this team was exposed and not in a good way. Oh well, there is always next year.

Grade: F


The Chargers, let’s see, 2-14 on 3rd down. 2 touchdowns on 5 trips in the red zone. 21 rushing attempts but only 61 yards (2.9 AVG). 4th and 1 on the Titans 44-yard line and they punted the ball. 1st possession of overtime and go 3 and out (0 yards). With all of that, they were still in this game and went to overtime. This game turned into a true Brandon Staley special. He is finding new ways to hold this team back.

Grade: C-


The Chiefs got Travis Kelce and Chris Jones back boy did they need them. Kelce caught a touchdown and Jones recorded 1.5 sacks. The offense is still playing subpar, but the defense was damn good. There are things that must be cleaned up but finding a way to win against a playoff team on the road is always a good sign.

Grade: C+


The Sean Payton era has gotten off to a rocky start. The offense looked decent but the defense, which was supposed to be the strength of the team, really looked suspect. The Broncos had an 18-point lead and found a way to blow it. They did have a chance to push it into overtime after a last second hail mary touchdown but fell short on the 2-point attempt.

Grade: C-



Chicago Bears at Kansas City Chiefs

This game could see the Chiefs offense get back on track.

Chiefs 34 Bears 20

Spread: -12.5 Chiefs

Over/Under: 47.5


Denver Broncos at Miami Dolphins

Speed kills, can the Broncos handle the Miami track team.

Dolphins 30 Broncos 20

Spread: +7 Broncos

Over/Under: 48


Los Angeles Chargers at Minnesota Vikings

Which team’s defense will show up against these powerful offenses.

Vikings 24 Chargers 23

Spread: EVEN

Over/Under: 54


Pittsburgh Steelers at Las Vegas Raiders

Whichever team can run the ball will win this game.

Steelers 23 Raiders 20

Spread: -2.5 Raiders

Over/Under: 43

Season: 3-4

 To quote that great philosopher Firv Lil Brandon, “In case u ain’t know, Football is dumb”. We are only a few weeks into this season and drinking again is becoming a distinct possibility (not really). Week 3 please be kind to us all.

Weekly Grade and Predictions

What an opening week! The margin of separation for winning or losing was 4 points…….that was for the entire division, all 3 games, UNREAL!!! If this continues, we are in for one hell of a season.



The Chiefs played this game without All-Pro TE Travis Kelce (Knee) and All-Pro DT Chris Jones (Contract) and boy did it show. Patrick Mahomes threw for less yards that Jared Goff, wait…..WHAT? With that said, the bigger difference was the second half of the game when the defense surrendered 14 points and the offense only scored 6 points. NO BUENO!!!

Grade: C-


The Jimmy G. era has begun. He played ok for most of the game but earned big respect when he drove the team for a go-ahead TD in the 4th quarter with 6:34 on the clock. The defense came up with quick 3 and out with 5:08 left on the clock. Jimmy G then went on an 11 play, 41-yard drive to end the game with a key play, 8-yard scramble on 3rd and 7. A win is a win but this one created more questions than answers.

Grade: B


Sean Payton made his coaching debut with the Broncos and there was a lot to like about this game. The offense was much more efficient and played with passion. They played this game without WR Jerry Jeudy and lost WR Tim Patrick for the season. The called up 2 receivers from their practice squad prior to this game in WRs Lil’ Jordan Humphrey and Phillip Dorsett. The defense played well and when you only give up 17 points at home you expect to win. As well as Peyton did, he also the reason the Broncos lost this game. He cut K Brandon McManus and traded for K Will Lutz who thanked him by missing a extra point and a fieldgoal. Simply put, that was the game.

Grade: C+


The Chargers have one of best offenses in the NFL, PERIOD! They also have one of the worse defenses and a Head Coach that should be flogged. Some of the coaching decisions in this game were flat out stupid. Hell, they just announced that Tyreek Hill just scored again! Austin Ekeler and Joshua Kelley ran the ball like flat out beasts. Justin Herbert took what the defense gave him although he was under a lot of pressure and was sacked 3 times. This game could have and should have been a win but was a loss because of bad coaching and lack of defensive adjustments.

Grade: B-



Las Angeles Chargers at Tennessee Titans

This game will be all about defense or should I say lack thereof.

Chargers 34 Titans 20

Spread: -3.0 Chargers

Over/Under: 45.5


Las Vegas Raiders at Buffalo Bills

Big running quarterback with fast receivers, NO BUENO for the Raiders defense.

Bills 34 Raiders 13

Spread: +8.5 Raiders

Over/Under: 47


Kansas City Chiefs at Jacksonville Jaguars

Which defense will show up to stop either of these high-powered offenses?

Jaguars 27 Chiefs 24

Spread: -3.5 Chiefs

Over/Under: 51


Washington Commanders at Denver Broncos

The key to this game will be the Broncos o-line vs the Commanders d-line.

Broncos 23 Commanders 17

Spread: -3.5 Broncos

Over/Under: 39

Season: 2-1


One game in the books, 16 more to go and I am here for it. Do I need to say it, yes, I really think I should, FOOTBALL IS BACK!!!

NFL Season Kickoff and Predictions

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”
— JP Morgan

Another NFL season is upon us and boy, oh boy, are there a lot of unanswered question with every team in the division. How will these questions be answered.

The Raiders have a new quarterback in Jimmy Garoppolo. With that said, he may be a better fit for the offense, but can he stay healthy, and can he do it without a team that has a top tier defense, time will tell.

The Broncos were sold to Walmart……um…Rob Walton and then traded for Head Coach Sean Payton. Can he get quarterback Russell Wilson back on track? Can he get the most out his offense with only 4 wide receivers on the roster and one of them injured, time will tell.

The Chargers are coming off a playoff season where they surrendered the third largest lead in playoff history (27 points). Will Head Coach Brandon Staley do a better job in important game situations, and more importantly will the team stay healthy and play up to the talent that is there, time will tell.

The Chiefs are dealing with their best defensive player (Chris Jones) holding out and one of their starting defensive end (Charles Omenihu) being suspended for the first six games. Will All Pro TE Travis Kelce be himself after his injury scare and will the 7……..count them, 7 receiver on the roster fill the void, time will tell.



Detroit Lion at Kansas City Chiefs

This is the season opener but it has a lot of mystery to it. With the Superbowl Champions hosting this game and going 14-4, the odds favor the Chiefs.

Chiefs 31 Lions 27

Spread: -4.5 Chiefs

Over/Under: 52.5


Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos

The Garoppolo era starts for the Raiders as does the Payton era for the Broncos. The Raiders have beaten the Broncos 7 game in a row, does that streak come to an end?

Raiders 27 Broncos 24

Spread: -3.5 Broncos

Over/Under: 44


Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Chargers

The Dolphins track team comes to town and the Chargers defense will face their first significant test.

Dolphins 31 Chargers 27

Spread: -3 Chargers

Over/Under: 51

It has been a long off season for us all but we are a day away from the joy of major trash talking…….wait…….sports trash talking…….wait……more trash talking, there it is. All things considered, we could be looking at a season full of parody and that is quite exciting.

Football is back!!!

Let the REAL trash talking begin!!!

NFL Draft Results/Grades

Well…..the draft has come and gone and there were some interesting picks to say the very least. Some were outstanding and some, to be frank, were flat out head scratchers. Let’s take a look at the class, give it a grade and look at the best UDFA signing for each team. Without further ado, let’s roll…..


Denver Broncos

Round 2: No. 63 (from KC from DET ) – Marvin Mims Jr., WR, Oklahoma

Round 3: No. 67 (from IND) – Drew Sanders, LB, Arkansas

Round 3: No. 83 (from SEA)  – Riley Moss, CB, Iowa

Round 6: No. 183 (from DEN through DET) – JL Skinner, S, Boise State

Round 7: No. 257 (from NO) – Alex Forsyth, IOL, Oregon

Draft Grade: B- This Draft could have received a higher grade because of the value the Broncos received with their first two picks but trading away a future 3rd round pick to move up for CB Moss was a true head scratcher.

Best Pick – LB Drew Sanders – Getting this kid in the 3rd round was a true steal. If he is used in a creative manner as not only a MLB but also as a rush LB, LOOK OUT!

Best UDFA Signing – OT Demontrey Jacobs – This kid will need to clean up his fundementals and gain some weight, but hs is 6’6″ and has 36″ arms. He could be a great depth find at the OT position


Kansas City Chiefs

Round 1: No. 31 – Felix Anudike-Uzomah, EDGE, Kansas State

Round 2: No. 55 (from MIN through DET) – Rashee Rice, WR SMU

Round 3: No. 92 (from CIN) – Wanya Morris, OT, Oklahoma

Round 4: No. 119 (from DET through MIN) – Chamarri Conner, S, Virginia Tech

Round 5: No. 166 – BJ Thompson, LB, Stephen F. Austin

Round 6: No. 194 (from DET) – Keondre Coburn, DT, Texas

Round 7: No. 250 -Nic Jones, CB, Ball State

Draft Grade: B This was a very solid draft that addressed a lot of the teams needs but moving up 8 spots for a WR that had a lower grade than other prospects at the position still on the board was a huge reach.

Best Pick – EDGE Anudike-Uzomah – This kid has a relentless motor and is tenacious getting after the passer as well as the ball carrier.

Best UDFA Signing – RB Deneric Prince – The Chiefs know how to find talent at the RB position. This kid is 6’0″, 216 pounds, with 4.41 speed. He is a great fit.


Las Vegas Raiders

Round 1: No. 7 – Tyree Wilson, EDGE, Texas Tech

Round 2: No. 35 (from IND) – Michael Mayer, TE, Notre Dame

Round 3: No. 70 – Byron Young, DT, Alabama

Round 3: No. 100 (from KC through NYG) – Tre Tucker, WR, Cincinnati

Round 4: No. 104 (from HOU) – Jakorian Bennett, CB, Maryland

Round 4: No. 135 (from NE) – Aiden O’Connell, QB, Purdue

Round 5: No. 170 (from GB through NYJ) – Christopher Smith, S, Georgia

Round 6: No. 203 (from NYG through HOU) – Amari Burney, L, Florida

Round 7: No. 231 (from NE) – Nesta Jade Silvera, DL, Arizona State

Draft Grade: B The first two picks have incredible potential to be pro bowl players. After that, almost every player selected was taken a round earlier than the grade on them, except for CB Bennett.

Best Pick – EDGE Wilson – This kid is a freak athlete that will get to learn from a potential HOFer. He has the skill set to be a true nightmare for years to come.

Best UDFA Signing – OG McClendon Curtis – It was a shock that he did not get drafted. He is a 6’6”, 324 LBS mauler at RG. He was a fantastic signing for the Raiders.


Los Angeles Chargers

Round 1: No. 21 – Quentin Johnston, WR, TCU

Round 2: No. 54 – Tuli Tuipulotu, DE, USC

Round 3: No. 85 – Daiyan Henley, LB, Washington State

Round 4: No. 125 – Derius Davius, WR, TCU

Round 5: No. 156 – Jordan McFadden, G, Clemson

Round 6: No. 200 – Scott Matlock, DL, Boise State

Round 7: No. 239 – Max Duggan, QB, TCU

Draft Grade: B- I guess this is TCU West. Johnston is a big, fast field stretcher with 1st round talent but he does have way to many dropped passes. This draft was solid but RB should have been addressed at some point.

Best Pick – DE Tuipulotu – This kid won’t come off the field. He can line up at every position on the defensive line except NT. Great fit for this defense.

Best UDFA Signing – EDGE Brevin Allen – This kid has the size at 6’3”, 265 LBS with 34” arms to be a menace on the edge and is a natural stand up rusher.


We all know that it takes 3 years for a draft prospect to really be graded but it is always fun to do these  early assessments. The season will be here soon and we will really get to judge if our team did well or if they screwed the pooch. Let’s enjoy the ride…….

Free Agency Grades/Team Needs/Mock Draft 2.0

The first phase of Free Agency is complete, and the AFC West was surprisingly busy as well as effective in the additions/subtractions that were made. Some very large needs were filled and have changed the draft for several teams. Let’s get this party started…


Denver Broncos

Key Additions: G Ben Powers, RT Mike McGlinchey, RB Samaje Perine, FB Michael Burton, QB Jarrett Stidham, DE Zach Allen, TE Chris Manhertz, CB Tremon Smith, WR Marquez Callaway, WR Marquise Godowin, LB Matthew Adams

Key re-signings: LB Alex Singleton

Key losses: DT Dre’Mont Jones, G Graham Glasgow, RB Chase Edmonds, CB Ronald Darby, RB Mike Boone, FB Andrew Beck, TE Eric Saubert, DE DeShawn Williams, OT Calvin Anderson

Without a 1st or 2nd round pick, the Broncos had to fill some holes via free agency and Coach Payton along with new owner Rob Walton knew this. The Broncos surrendered 63 sacks in 2022, most in the NFL. They went out and signed two starters in Powers and McGlinchey for their Offensive Line.

Free Agency Grade: A-

Team Needs: Edge, WR, OL

The Broncos only got to the quarterback 36 times last year (bottom 10 in the NFL). They added DE Allen but need more help.

Mock Draft: DE Derick Hall, 6’3”, 254, Auburn


Kansas City Chiefs

Key additions: OT Jawaan Taylor, EDGE Charles Omenihu, LB Drue Tranquill, S Mike Edwards

Key re-signings: G Nick Allegretti, DT Derrick Nnadi

Key losses: OT Orlando Brown Jr., EDGE Frank Clark, S Juan Thornill, WR JuJu Smith-Schuster, OT Andrew Wylie, DT Khalen Saunders, FB Michael Burton, QB Chad Henne

The Chiefs free agency was quite puzzling to say the least. Paying OT Taylor almost 16MM more over 4 years than what OT Brown was given does not add up not to mention almost 30MM more in guaranteed money. The DE Omenihu signing was a great addition.

Free Agency Grade: C

Team Needs: DL, WR, Edge

The loss of DT Saunders is a lot bigger than most think. Finding a replacement for DE Clark would be wise as well.

Mock Draft: DE Felix Anudike-Uzomah, 6’3”, 255, Kansas State


Las Vegas Raiders

Key additions: QB Jimmy Garoppolo, WR Jakobi Meyers, LB Robert Spillane, S Marcus Epps, CB Brandon Facyson, WR Phillip Dorsett, WR Cam Sims, TE O.J. Howard, CB David Long, CB Duke Shelley, TE Austin Hooper

Key re-signings: RB Josh Jacobs, OT Brandon Parker, RB Ameer Abdullah, RB Jakob Johnson, DT Jerry Tillery, OT Jermaine Eluemenor, WR Keelan Cole

Key losses: QB Derek Carr, TE Darren Waller, QB Jarrett Stidham, EDGE Clelin Ferrell, LB Denzel Perryman, TE Foster Moreau, CB Rock Ya-Sin, WR Mack Hollins

The Raiders went with addition by subtraction in signing Garoppolo and Meyers and releasing Carr and trading Waller. Talent wise the advantage goes to Carr and Waller but scheme fit goes to Garoppolo and Meyers. The secondary additions of CB Shelley and SS Epps are homeruns and both are huge upgrades.

Free Agency Grade: A-

Team Needs: CB, DT, QB

Finding a CB1 is a must. Adding a run stopping DT and a long term QB to be groomed are needed high as well.

Mock Draft: CB Christian Gonzalez, 6’1”, 197 Oregon


Los Angeles Chargers

Key additions: LB Eric Kendricks

Key re-signings: G/OT Trey Pipkins, DT Morgan Fox, QB Easton Stick, P J.K. Scott, TE Donald Parham

Key losses: LB Drue Tranquil, LB Kyle Van Noy, S Nasir Adderley, QB Chase Daniel, OT Storm Norton, LB Troy Reeder

After last season’s spending, the Chargers were not expected to be major players this year. With that said, only one signing is still quite surprising. This is only the first part of free agency, but it is a quiet one for the Chargers.

Free Agency Grade: C-

Teem Needs: RB, WR, DL

With Ekeler asking and receiving permission to seek a trade, a new RB1 is now a top priority. A speed receiver and a run stopping DT are also top needs.

Mock Draft: WR Jordan Addison, 5’11”, 173, USC


We are now a little over two weeks away from the draft and expectations are either going to be met or destroyed. Some fans will be happy while some will be drinking their sorrows away and asking, “what the fuck”. One thing is for sure, here is MS, we will give your team props for a great pick and kick you in your teeth if they screw the pooch. Whichever way it goes, it is always entertaining.

Viva the NFL!!!

2023 AFC West Draft Picks, Team Needs and Mock Draft

“I have returned.”

-General Douglas MacArthur

It has been a long time coming but I have finally returned. It has been hard to be away for all of you guys and the rehab really, really sucked but it is over and the old fart is back!

Well, it is draft/free agency time when every team and fan has hope for the upcoming season. It is also that time for the ultimate speculation into what we think each team needs and who they will draft with their 1st pick. Let’s go!


Denver Broncos

Draft Picks:

  • Round 3, Pick 68 (from IND)
  • Round 3, Pick 69
  • Round 4, Pick 108
  • Round 5, Pick 140
  • Round 6, Pick 194 (from PIT)
  • Round 7, Pick 247 (from MIN)

Denver traded their 1st and 2nd round picks for Russell Wilson and Coach Sean Peyton.

Projected Cap Space: $12,235,634 (15th in the NFL Spotrac)

Team Needs: OL, DL, RB (NFL.com)

Mock Draft: OT Blake Freeland, 6’8”, 305 BYU

Without top draft capital, expect the Broncos to be patient and take the BPA in each round.


Kansas City Chiefs

Draft Picks:

  • Round 1, Pick 31
  • Round 2, Pick 63
  • Round 3, Pick 95
  • Round 4, Pick 122 (from MIA)
  • Round 4, Pick 134
  • Round 5, Pick 168
  • Round 6, Pick 197 (from MIA)
  • Round 7, Pick 227 (from ATL)
  • Round 7, Pick 251

Chiefs have the last pick in the 1st round after winning the Superbowl (FUCK THE CHIEFS).

Project Cap Space: $-473,578 (18th in the NFL Spotrac)

Team Needs: OT, WR, Edge (NFL.com)

Mock Draft: Edge Keion White, 6’5”, 285 Georgia Tech

This may seem to be a luxury pick but this guy would be a steal.


Las Vegas Raiders

Draft Picks:

  • Round 1, Pick 7 overall
  • Round 2, Pick 38 overall
  • Round 3, Pick 70 overall
  • Round 4, Pick 109 overall
  • Round 5, Pick 143 overall (from ATL)
  • Round 5, Pick 146 overall
  • Round 6, Pick 189 overall (from DAL)
  • Round 7, Pick 198 overall (from ARI)
  • Round 7, Pick 209 overall (from NE)

The Raiders are picking in the top 10 and have more holes than Swiss cheese.

Projected Cap Space: $46,284,005 (3rd in the NFL Spotrac)

Team Needs: QB, OL, CB (NFL.com)

Mock Draft: QB Will Levis, 6’3”, 232, Kentucky

Even if the Raiders sign a veteran QB, they need one to groom for the future.


Los Angeles Chargers

Draft Picks:

  • Round 1, Pick 21
  • Round 2, Pick 54
  • Round 3, Pick 85
  • Round 4, Pick 125
  • Round 5, Pick 158
  • Round 6, Pick 200
  • Round 7, Pick 241

The Chargers have the 21st pick and have Herbert’s contract extension looming.

Projected Cap Space: $-19,922,446 (28th in the NFL Spotrac)

Team Needs: WR, DL, TE (NFL.com)

Mock Draft: WR Jalin Hyatt 6’0”, 185 Tennessee

The Chargers need some speed at WR and they may have to make some tough choices at that position.


Football, Football and more Football. I have missed it and all of you (even you lord, LOL)


AFCW Rest of Season Outlook

AFCW – Rest of Season Outlook. Kind of…


Chiefs: They’re on cruise control without any real challengers for the division title. With an easier schedule ahead, they’ll probably end up with the conference #1 seed. Fat Andy does it again.


Chargers: At 7-6, the Chargers are in the hunt for a WC spot. Sunday’s game vs. TEN, also 7-6, is a must win game. Their schedule is pretty favorable after this weekend, so a win vs. the Titans will go a long way towards getting them in the dance.


Raiders: After yet another inexcusable loss while holding a double digit lead, the season is over for the silver and black. As if it wasn’t before. Another cluster fuck of a season. But hey, MD is cashing in and has a really cool house.


Broncos: The Walton family has their work cut out for them this offseason with their lame duck QB ravaging their salary cap like what they’ve done to small businesses around the country. Maybe they can play spoiler with the remaining divisional games. Maybe not.



– Nori

Weekly Grade and Predictions

Its been a crazy month for my family and I, but I am glad to say that we are all doing much better (especially the War Department, THANK GOD!). Time to get back to football and I have to admit I missed my MS family, you assholes. Let’s Rock……

Josh Jacobs has donned his Superman cape in October and become flat out unstoppable. He has gone over 140 yards rushing in all three game this month. Derek Carr was 21 of 27 (77.7%) for 241 yards and a touchdown. Josh Jacobs had 20 carries for 143 yards and 3 touchdowns with 3 receptions for 12 yards. Davante Adams had 8 receptions for 95 yards. The defense had 1 sack and 3 tackles for loss and 1 interception returned for a touchdown. Daniel Carlson was 1 for 1 on fieldgoals and 5 for 5 on extra points. The defense sucked in the 2nd and 3rd quarters but pitched shutouts in the 1st and 4th quarters. Jacobs is simply killing any and everyone.
Grade: A-

The Chargers came out flat and at the end of the 1st quarter they were down 17-0, and then it went down hill. Justin Herbert was 33 of 51 (64.7%) for 293 yards and 2 touchdowns with a interception, fumble and 3 carries for 22 yards. Austin Ekeler had 9 carries for 31 yards and a touchdown with 12 receptions for 96 yards and a touchdown. Mike Williams had 7 receptions for 86 yards and a touchdown. The defense had 2 sacks and 6 tackles for loss with an interception and a safety. Taylor Bertolet was 3 for 3 on extra points. The rush defense is shear trash as they were raped for 213 yards.
Grade: F

The Chiefs went on the road, faced the #1 defense in the NFL and put up 44 points, easily. This offense is insane. Patrick Mahomes was 25 of 34 (73.5%) for 423 yards and 3 touchdowns and a interception. Isiah Pacheco had 8 carries for 43 yards. JuJu Smith-Schuster had 7 receptions for 124 yards and a touchdown. The defense had 5 sacks and 4 tackles for loss with 2 interceptions and a safety. Harrison Butker was 0 for 1 on fieldgoals and 6 for 6 on extra points. This game was a flat out massacre.
Grade: A

The Broncos defense is one of the best in the NFL and play like it week in and week out, the offense is a disgrace. Brett Rypien was 24 of 46 (52.1%) for 225 yards and a interception with 3 carries for 9 yards. Melvin Gordon had 11 carries for 33 yards with 2 receptions for 17 yards. Jerry Jeudy had 7 receptions for 96 yards. The defense had 3 sacks and 2 tackles for loss. Brandon McManus was 1 for 2 on fieldgoals and 0 for 1 on extra points. This game was flat out UGLY and would have been even worse were it not for the defense.
Grade: D+

Denver Broncos vs Jacksonville Jaguars (London)
Which offense will show up for both teams…..only the shadow knows.
Jaguars 23 Broncos 17
Spread: +2.5 Broncos
Over/Under: 40.5

Las Vegas Raiders at New Orleans Saints
Which defense will show up for both teams…..only the shadow knows.
Raiders 26 Saints 24
Spread: -1.5 Raiders
Over/Under 49.5

The Chiefs and Chargers are on their bye weeks. Let’s get this party started.

AFCW Week 7 Preview

New York Jets @ Denver Broncos (-1):

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why the Broncos are favored in this game. Sure, the home team gets a built in -3, but the Broncos are fucking horrible and the Jets look legit for the first time since Rex Ryan was caught jerking off to pictures of feet. As has been the case through their first 6 games, the Denver defense will keep things close, but ultimately won’t get the job done offensively with the NFL’s least likeable player at the helm. Another low scoring, boring game here. Sorry, Broncos country.


Jets 20, Broncos 17

Let’s Ride.


Houston Texans @ Las Vegas Raiders (-7):

Has there ever been this much optimism around a 1-4 team? Not to mention a 1-4 Raiders team? Fool us once… Whatever. Coming off a bye, a matchup with the lowly Texans should be exactly what the Raiders need. Josh Jacobs should have a monster game, Carr should roll, Adams should eat, and the defense should hold up as the Texans lone weapon offensively is a rookie RB. And I say “should” because you just never fucking know with the Raiders. Hence, their shitty 1-4 record. Raiders get a win here, but won’t make it easy on us. Texans cover.


Texans 20, Raiders 26


Seattle Seahawks @ Los Angeles Chargers (-5.5):

After being the media darlings of the offseason, the current Chargers look anything but that. Sure they’re 4-2, but a couple lucky bounces against the Browns and Broncos have kept them on the right side of the w/l column. So in comes Seattle, who have been playing decent football considering they were the favorites to land the #1 overall pick as the NFL’s shittiest team of the season, and Geno fucking Smith of all people. I’m expecting a back and forth game with 2 of the NFL’s worst defenses through 6 weeks. In the end, Herbert will make the plays Geno Smith can’t, while getting his top WR back from a hysterectomy. Chargers win.

Seahawks 24, Chargers 31


Kansas City Chiefs (-1.5) @ Santa Clara 49ers:

Holy shit, the Niners just got CMC. I wouldn’t expect him to play much this week, but do think he’ll be active. Perfect timing as the bitch ass Chiefs and their band of Patty Mahomes dick sucking refs come to town. In what looks like the NFL game of the week, this one should not disappoint. Unless of course the refs hand another win to the Chiefs. Anyway, we’ll see how arguably the NFL’s best defense holds up against arguably the NFL’s best offense. Strength vs. strength. This one is a toss up, and will be determined by whether or not Jimmy Garrappolo can stay out of his own way and get the ball to his playmakers w/out fucking up. That’s a big ask, but I think he gets it done against a mediocre Chiefs defense. CMC gets some redzone work and finds the endzone not once, but twice in his debut. Niners get a big home win.

Chiefs 23, Niners 27


Well there you have it, folks. Week 7 is in the books.


Your friend in football,


Weekly Grade and Predictions

Its been a crazy few weeks but I have returned. I want to thank everyone again for the well wishes and prayers. Let’s rock and roll….

The Chargers almost blew a 21 point lead but found a way to close out and get the win. Justin Herbert was 27 of 39 (69.2%) for 340 yards and 2 touchdowns. Austin Ekeler had 13 carries for 60 yards and 2 touchdowns with 6 receptions for 49 yards and a touchdown. Mike Williams had 7 receptions for 120 yards. The defense had 4 sacks and 6 tackles for loss with 2 interceptions. Dustin Hopkins was 2 for 2 on fieldgoals and 4 for 4 on extra points. The offense was great and the defense put up big numbers but giving up 131 rushing yards on 14 carries to a rookie is NO BUENO.
Grade: B-

The Broncos had an all around bad game. Russell Wilson was 17 of 25 (68%) for 237 yards and 2 touchdowns with 4 rushes for 29 yards and a touchdown. Javonte Williams had 10 carries for 28 yards. Jerry Jeudy had 4 receptions for 53 yards and a touchdown. The defense had 2 sacks and 7 tackles for loss. Brandon McManus was 1 for 1 on fieldgoals and 2 for 3 on extra points. The Broncos got pushed around up front but losing Javonte Williams and Randy Gregory only added insult to injury.
Grade: D

The Raiders played their best game of the season and got thier first win because of it. Derek Carr was 21 of 34 (61.7%) for 188 Yards with 7 carries for 40 yards. Josh Jacobs had 28 carries for 144 yards and 2 touchdowns with 5 receptions for 31 yards. Davante Adams had 9 receptions for 101 yards. The defense had 3 sacks and 7 tackles for loss with a fumble recovery return for a touchdown. Daniel Carlson was 4 for 4 on fieldgoals and 2 for 3 on extra points. This was a much needed win but it was also great to watch Josh McDaniels give his old team the big “FO”.
Grade: A

The Chiefs are starting to play at an elite level on offense and that should scare the entire NFL. Patrick Mahomes was 23 of 37 (62.1%) for 249 yards and 3 touchdowns with a interception and 4 carries for 34 yards. Clyde Edwards-Helaire had 19 carries for 92 yards and a touchdown with 1 receptions for 2 yards and a touchdown. Travis Kelce had 9 reception for 92 yards and a touchdown. The defense had 1 sack and 2 tackles for loss with 2 fumble recoveries. Matthew Write was 2 for 2 on field goals and 5 for 5 on extra points. This team is flat out scary.
Grade: A


Los Angeles Chargers at Cleveland Browns
This game may come down to rush defense and who can protect the quarterback. Upset alert!
Browns 26 Chargers 23
Spread: -2.5 Chargers
Over/Under: 47.5

Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos
This game is really a toss up with all of the injuries on both teams.
Broncos 23 Colts 17
Spread: -3.5
Over/Under: 42

Las Vegas Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs
This game could/should be over at halftime.
Chiefs 31 Raiders 20
Spread: -7 Chiefs
Over/Under: 51
Season: 5-4 (No Picks last week)

Well……it is good to be back and witness all of the shit talking again. Joe, that was a hell of a find of jazz and R&B records. Balls, thanks for stepping in Bro. lord, you can go fuck yourself, I saw your comment about Joe and I.