AFC West Week 1 Predictions

“Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We have endured one hell of an off season. I am thankful that most of you have survived it with class (Not talking about you Lord). After all we have gone through we finally have NFL Football. Even with limited or no fans in the stadiums, it is football and it is happening.

With all that said, here are the predictions for the season openers for the AFC West:

Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs

This game will be interesting from an offensive perspective. I can see this as a shoot out in respects to the Chiefs’ offense and their questionable cornerbacks. The Texans traded away DeAndre Hopkins in the off season for David Johnson. The Texans now have a bunch of small, quick receivers but who will assume the WR1 for them? This game will be close for about 10 minutes before the high powered offense of the Chiefs takes over.

Chiefs 34 Texans 20

Spread:-9 Chiefs

Over/Under: 54.5

Las Vegas Raiders at Carolina Panthers

This is going to be a interesting game. The Panthers will turn loose the most versatile running back in football in Christian McCaffery while the Raiders will pound you with sophomore sensation Josh Jacobs. This one will come down to which team can stop the run and which quarterback makes some big plays. I think the Raiders offensive line will be the difference and they will pull away late in the game.

Raiders 27 Panthers 20

Spread:-3 Raiders

Over/Under: 48

Los Angeles Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals

This will begin the Tyrod Taylor era for the Chargers and the Joe Burrow era for the Bengals. This could turn into a bit of a shoot out. AJ Green returns and if healthy is one of the best in the league. Keenan Allen is still a match-up nightmare. Both teams have good running games but this will come down to defense. That being said, I have to give the edge to the Chargers.

Chargers 24 Bengals 17

Spread: -3 Chargers

Over/Under: 43.5

Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos

Monday night in Denver and it will be a fun one. The Titans have the NFL’s leading rusher in Derrick Henry. They have just signed Jadeveon Clowney too. The Broncos drafted Jerry Jeudy to go with Courtland Sutton to form a pretty formidable receiver pair. This game will come down to the quarterbacks. Lock is still a mystery and Tannehill was hot and cold last year. The Broncos get a late game score and their defense takes over from there.

Broncos 31 Titans 21

Spread: 1.5 Broncos

Over/Under: 41.5

There you have it. The AFC West starts the season 4-0. Who saw that coming. Here is to a very unique season of football, CHEERS!!!! (Holds up a cup of coffee)

AFC West New Updates

Well, we are 8 weeks out to the start of the season. Pre-season football has been cut to only two weeks because of the corona virus. Oakley, has developed a face shield to help protect the players from the virus. The NFL seems to be doing all it can to ensure the season not only happens but starts on time. With cases increasing throughout the country, we can only hope that it does not effect the season (I am starting to think it will).

With all of the craziness, we do have some interesting news in the division staring with the Division and Super Bowl Champion, Kansas City Chiefs (I just threw up in my mouth typing that). Let’s rock and roll!

Kansas City Chiefs
The Chiefs sign QB Mahomes to a 10 year contract for record breaking money:

If one big contract is good than two is better. The Chiefs sign DT Jones to a four year contract extension:

The Chiefs have invested some serious money in both their offensive and defensive lead players. They are going to be a very formitable team over the next few years. FUCK THE CHIEFS!!!

Denver Broncos
With social distancing in mind and the NFL setting standards on how many fans can attend games, the Broncos are one of the first teams to announce they will be refunding season ticket holder a full refund:

The Broncos and FS Simmons fail to reach a long term contract and he will play this year on the Franchise Tag:

Elway has been great at getting long term deals done with franchise tagged players but for the first time he did not accomplish his goal. The virus had quite a bit to do with this. With that said, FUCK THE BRONCOS!!!

Los Angeles Chargers
The Chargers failed to agree with TE Henry on a long term contract so he will play on the Franchise Tag:

The Chargers will be faced with a big decision next year after DE Garrett signed a HUGE contract this year and DE Bosa being a free agent next year:

The Chargers defense should be really good this year. The biggest question is what will the offense be with QB Rivers leaving and who will be the starting signal caller. FUCK THE CHARGERS!!!

Las Vegas Raiders
Raiders make an offer to Free Agent DE Jadeveon Clowney:

Rookie WR Edwards is working out in Vegas with QB Carr and looks really good. He did not run at the Combine because of a foot injury but that looks to be behind him:

The Raiders wide receivers were a weakness last year. I think this year will be different and QB Carr will put up numbers to keep him in the MVP conversation all year. GO RAIDERS!!!

Politics, Covid-19, BLM and Police Brutality. These issues need to be addressed but we need football and we need it now if only to give us something else to talk about. Let’s hope we have a season and maybe a little piece of mind.

AFC West News Updates

JMC Weekly Report – With Training Camps slated to start for the division on July 28th (Except for the Chiefs who will open Training Camp on July 25th due to their season opener on Thursday, September 10th), most of us are chomping at the bit for football. Let’s keep it real, we are chomping at the bit for ANY kind of sports because of Covid 19.

The AFC West is presently owned by the Superbowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs (I just threw-up in my mouth writing that) and they are the odds on favorite to win it again according to SportsLine’s R.J. White. Here are the odds so far:

1. Kansas City Chiefs – 4-1
14. Los Angeles Chargers – 25-1
17. Las Vegas Raiders – 30-1
21. Denver Broncos – 50-1

The interesting thing is the other teams in the division have vastly improved (on paper) and should make this division one of the best. Each team has addressed most of their needs but also have some questions (Chiefs – Cornerback, Chargers – Offensive Tackle, Raiders – Wide Receiver, Broncos – Offensive Tackle). I am very interested in seeing how these positions will work out for each team.

News Updates

Kansas City Chiefs
NFL.COM has a very good look at the Chiefs and the upcoming year. This is a good read and assessment of the team:

The Kansas City Star ran a great story on QB Patrick Mahomes for speaking out:

Bleacher Report has a story on the top 7 Pass Rush Duos and the Chiefs have the #5 duo:

Los Angeles Chargers has a interesting take on the Chargers big name secondary: is reporting that QB Colin Kaepernick is in play for the Chargers:

Bleacher Report did a story on the top 7 Pass Rusher Duos and the Chargers have the #2 duo:

Denver Broncos ranks the Peyton Manning as the best free agent signing in the decade:

Bleacher Report did a story on the top 7 Pass Rush Duos and the Broncos have the #4 duo:

Broncoswire ran a story about Jerry Jeudy’s workout he posted on twitter:

Las Vegas Raiders
The Athletic has a great story about the 30-35 players working out in Las Vegas:

(If you don’t have a subscription, you can get a free one month trial)

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has a story and a first look at the Raiders new practice facility and Headquarters in Henderson, NV:

NFL.COM is reporting that the Raiders will host the Pro Bowl in 2021:

Football will be here soon (we hope) and it is just what the doctor ordered. More news updates to come.

…Thank you JMC for your write up.

2020 AFC West Draft Outlook

Well the draft is over and we are in hurry up and wait mode to see if we will have a season this year. The NFL is to the point that they are letting team facilities reopen on May 19th if they have met the standards set by the league and are allowed to by local and state regulations.

Enough about that drama. This outlook is going to look at some projections for the following in the division:

⦁ Biggest Upside
⦁ Worse Pick
⦁ Biggest Steal
⦁ Safest Pick


Well this one is going to be a flat out slobber-knocker. The offenses in the division got a lot faster and much better. With that said, here are the front runners:

Clyde Edwards-Helaire – This guy is a match-up nightmare for everyone. He is a great runner that is hard to take down. He has great hands and catches the ball exceptionally well out of the backfield. Add the fact that he is going to one of if not the most explosive offenses in the league and he is the odds on top prospect.

Jerry Jeudy – The ankle breaker could not have gone to a better situation. He does not have to be the #1 receiver, has a flat out MONSTER on the other side and will be covered by mostly #2 corners. This should allow him to put up some serious numbers. His production will depend heavily on the development of 2nd year quarterback Drew Lock.

Henry Ruggs – He has the ability to blow past any corner but he also has the skill set to take a simple bubble screen to the house. This guy has the hands, speed and toughness to do it all. His production will come down to the way Gruden uses him.

Wildcard – Justin Herbert – Will he start or will he sit a year? This one is truly up in the air and that is why he will remain a wildcard.



This is an area that was addressed heavily via free agency in the division. The draft saw a few key additions added.

Kenneth Murray – This guy is a flat out tackling machine and will lead a very talented Chargers defense in that category. They gave up a lot to go and get him but he has the ability and character to be a stud for years to come.

Willie Gay – This guy has the athletic ability to be a every down player. He will have to clean up his angles and show much more production. His mental makeup will be what makes or breaks him.

Damon Arnette – He has production and a nasty disposition when he is on the field. The key for his success will be how he is used. He is scheme diverse but thrives in press man.

Wildcard – Amik Robinson – This guy is a flat out DOG! He has excellent ball skills and plays incredibly hard. Will he start or will he sit? That will be the determining factor.


Biggest Upside:

There are some serious prospects for this category as each team did well in the draft.

Justin Herbert – He has the size, arm talent and smarts to be a franchise quarterback. The key will be his development and weapons. The Chargers drafted 2 wide receivers and a running back to aid him in the weapons department.

Jerry Jeudy – This guy could easily become Lock’s favorite target. They will get a chance to develop together. Sutton is the #1 right now but Jeudy’s route running could change that quickly.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire – He is not big (5’8″ and 210 LBS), but he is a complete back. He runs, catches and even returned some kick offs. This guy should become the bell cow back in Kansas City.

Wildcard – Henry Ruggs – You can’t coach speed. This guy has the ability to take the top off of any defense. With a top running game, top receiving tight end and one of the best o-lines in the game, Ruggs could post some insane numbers.


Worse Pick:

There were quite a few head scratchers in this draft. This division had its share.

Damon Arnette – He has the experience, ability and production as well as playing at a power 5 school. No issue with him but a HUGE issue with where he was selected. I just don’t think he was a 1st round Cornerback.

KJ Hamler – I love his speed and the thought that he could be a great slot receiver is fantastic. The issue is his size (5’8″, 178) and his below average hands and being selected in the 2nd round. There were better prospects on the board.

Willie Gay – This kid is very athletic but he is not a 2nd round prospect. The Chiefs needed two things in this draft, a running back and a Cornerback. They got their back in the 1st round but did not draft a Cornerback until the 7th round.

Wildcard – Tanner Muse – I called this as a possibility but in the 3rd round, FO! Can you say overdrafted.


Biggest Steal:

This one is really good because overall the division had a few steals and it will only make it stronger.

Amik Robinson – I love this guys game. He plays with his hair on fire. This guy will be a starter sooner rather than later. Getting him in the 4th round was flat out insane.

Lloyd Cushenberry – This guy is one of the smartest and strongest players I have seen in a long time at Center. He will take the starting position as a rookie. Elway got his o-line leader in the 3rd round, great steal.

Lucus Niang – This guy is a dancing bear. He slipped a bit this year because he played all year with a hip injury. Once healthy this guy will take a starting position at Offensive Tackle.

Wildcard – Lynn Bolden – He makes this list because of what he will be asked to do. Kick Returner, Punt Returner, Back-up Running Back, Wild Cat Quarterback, Slot Receiver, Gunner. This guy will be everywhere.


Safest Pick:

The division had a few safe picks that will pay instant dividends.

Jerry Jeudy – Getting one of if not the highest regarded receiver at 15 is very safe. This guy will be a monster for years. (FO Elway!)

Kenneth Murray – This guy is a dog on the field and has the absolute highest character off of it. This is as safe as safe can be. (FO TT!)

Clyde Edwards-Helaire – National Championship winner with over 1,400 yards rushing and over 450 yards receiving. Go to the Superbowl Champions. That is a pretty safe pick. (FO Fat Andy!)

Wildcard – Henry Ruggs – His hands, work ethic and speed make him a pretty safe pick. What will Gruden do with the offense now that he is part of it is the bigger question.

Here is to a great season of football.

Your AFCW Pointless Draft Grades

With the conclusion of the NFL Draft, it’s every expert’s favorite article time… draft grades. I couldn’t think of a more pointless activity than grading a draft that has yet to step foot on the field, but I’m going to do it anyway. So, fuck off. And who better to grade the draft than this year’s MS predict the pick champ? No one, that’s who. So let’s get to it, dickheads.


Best Pick – Jerry “The Jew” Jeudy. Safe to say Elway landed his top target at #15 overall, and Jeudy will pair with Courtland Sutton to make a dynamic duo for the Broncos at WR. This was best case scenario for the Broncos in Rd 1.

Worst Pick – KJ Hamler. This is more nitpicking than your typical worst pick because I wouldn’t necessarily call this a bad pick. Double dipping at WR this early in a draft that’s loaded at the position seems like a luxury for a team that has holes to fill elsewhere.

Overall – Elway had himself a helluva draft. In my best draft prognosticator terminology, he let the board come to him. Obviously found great value with Jeudy in rd 1, and that trend continued throughout the draft with picks of Cushenberry in the 3rd, and Muti in the 6th.

Grade – A. Fuck you, Elway.



Best Pick – Kenneth Murray. Very high character guy, team captain at OU, good athlete. He’s an instant starter at MLB.

Worst pick – Also Kenneth Murray LOL. In 3 years as a starter at OU he has managed 0 INT’s and 4 PBUs. While he most likely will be dynamic against the run, he doesn’t excel in coverage which doesn’t bode well in the modern-day NFL. Trading back into the 1st for a 2 down LB makes my list of worst picks. Sorry not sorry.

Overall – The key to this draft is obviously Herbert at 6 overall, but the failure to address the OT position is a huge miss on TT’s part. Not to mention only coming away with 6 total picks on a roster that obviously lacked depth. TT just did a terrible job at navigating the draft board.

Grade – C-. And that’s being generous.


Best Pick – Willie Gay Jr. Hard hitting prospect who can run sideline to sideline, and has the coverage abilities to play in sub packages. The only thing that kept him out of the first round were some character concerns that lead to suspensions in college. Which makes him perfect for the scumbag Chiefs.

Worst Pick – Michael Danna. Spent last season as a reserve for Michigan, after a decent career at Central Michigan. Not a great athlete, undersized… Don’t see any potential here for the 5th round pick.

Overall – Andy Reid had a solid day 1 and 2, with the LSU RB in rd 1, Gay in the 2nd, and Lucas Niang in Rd 3, but fell asleep at the wheel for day 3. Perhaps in a food comma after a long couple of nights. IDK.

Grade – C+



Best Pick – Amik Robertson. Mayock and Gruden found good value in the 4th round with Robertson. He’s undersized for a CB, but as competitive and tough as they come. He’ll compete for snaps in the slot as early as week 1.

Worst Pick – Tanner Muse. Tough to justify drafting a player who’s ceiling is a ST captain in the 3rd round. Played S at Clemson, but projects as a LB in the NFL. I’d be shocked if he ever gets on the field outside of ST.

Overall – It’s a mixed bag for Mayock and Gruden amongst the “experts”. A couple early round reaches in Damon Arnette, and Muse, but addressed the team’s biggest needs by double dipping at both WR, most notably Henry Ruggs, and CB. Sat out the majority of day 2 with the last 2 picks coming in the 4th round, but still ended the draft with 7 selections overall.

Grade – B-

Congrats, Broncos. You won the draft. EAD, Elway.

Yours truly,


2020 NFL Draft – Round 1

On Thursday, the 2020 Draft will be presented across ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network, April 23-25.

NFL Draft

Round 2 and 3 — Friday, April 24 (7-11:30 p.m.)

Round 4, 5, 6, and 7 — Saturday, April 25 (12-7 p.m.)

The NFL Draft Selections for the First Round:

The MS 2020 NFL “Pick-Em” Contest proved to be a winner. 

Ever though the site and layout is utter crap…I think that it is fair to say that we all had a good go at it.

Congratulations to Norie for winning and taking First place.

2020 NFL Draft-A-Thon – Muddledstate Group

So we have made it…the NFL Draft will (should) happen this week.  With 2020 being a brutal and crap year so far, this NFL off-season has helped get us through it all.  So Congratulations on making it this far…

Up this week, we have the NFL 2020 Draft-A-Thon…which is nice.

On Thursday, the 2020 Draft will be presented across

ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network, April 23-25.

NFL Draft Schedule (April 23-25):

Round 1Thursday, April 23 (8-11:30 p.m. ET)

Round 2 and 3Friday, April 24 (7-11:30 p.m.)

Round 4, 5, 6, and 7 Saturday, April 25 (12-7 p.m.)

JoeOG reminded us about doing the – Predict the Prick 2020, and one has been set up.   😉

Group Name: MuddledState 2020

Password: thatsracist



2020 MS Mock 1st round – Rudx Post FA

2020 MS Mock Draft: 1st Round POST FREE AGENCY

MOCK is Complete. Thank you for being involved and supporting this.

     Many have asked for it, so lets do it.

We will redo our Round 1 Mock now that the NFL Free Agency has started and teams are signing every LB and Slot CB.  This time around, I will try to align rep’s with their teams as best as possible, but it will not align perfectly as some will miss out.  Also, feel free to call out any rep/team swaps, if you’d like.

NFL Draft Order // Player // Position // College

  1. WSH Redskins: Chase Young, EDGE, Ohio State (Jeremyave)
  2. DET Lions: Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State (Joeog)
  3. NYG Giants:  Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson (Rings) 
  4. MIA Dolphins: Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama (JMC)
  5. LAC Chargers: Jordan Love, QB, Utah St (Screwitz)
  6. CARPanthers: Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn (Jackhammer)  
  7. ARICardinals:  Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville (Norie)
  8. JAXJaguars:  Javon Kinlaw, DT, South Carolina (Lafrentzj)
  9. CLEBrowns:  Jedrick Wills OT – Alabama (ljceeb) 
  10. NYJNYJets: Jerry Jeudy, WR, Bama (Poe)
  11. LVRaiders:  Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama (Balls) 
  12. SF 49ers: Ceedee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma (SDofLA) 
  13. TBBucs: Andrew Thomas, OT, XXX (Lord Panda)   
  14. DENBroncos: CJ Henderson, CB, Flordia (BC) 
  15. ATLFalcons: K’lavon Chaisson, EDGE, LSU (BH Mac) 
  16. DALCowboys: Xavier McKinney, S, Bama  (SDofLa) 
  17. MIADolphins: Justin Jefferson,WR, LSU (Lord Panda)
  18. LVRaiders: Jeff Gladney, CB, TCU (Whori) 
  19. JAXJaguars: Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa (BC)
  20. PHIEagles: Kenneth Murray LB Oklahoma (Jeremyave)
  21. MINVikings: Curtis Weaver, EDGE, Boise St (Cooch)
  22. NEPatriots: Tee Higgins WR Clemson (Lafrentzj)
  23. NOSaints:  Justin Herbert, Oregon (BH Mac)
  24. MINVikings: Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU (Screwitz)
  25. MIADolphins: Grant Delpit, S, LSU (Rings)
  26. SEASeahawks:  Yetur Gross-Matos, Edge, Penn State (ljceeb)
  27. BALRavens: Patrick Queen – LB – LSU  (Jackhammer)
  28. TENTitans: WR KJ Hamler, Penn State (Balls)
  29. GBPackers: Austin Jackson, OL, USC (Joeyog)
  30. SF49ers:  Denzel Mims, WR Baylor (JMC) 
  31. KCChiefs: AJ Terrell, CB, Clemson  (Poe)

Great Job to everyone involved

Again, when its your turn call out the player selected and let us know if you cannot be around.  Example:  Name, Position, College


2020 MS Mock Draft: 2nd Round

2020 MS Mock Draft: 2nd Round 


Rules for the Mock:

  2. The Team MS Rep. will have a little time to prepare, review and select the player she wants for the NFL Team.
  3. MS Rep…better pay attention to who was already picked in the 1st.
  4. The Team MS Rep. will need to “announce” his selection for the NFL Team he is selecting for.  This locks it in for others to realize.
  5. The Team MS Rep. can select whomever they they believe would be best for the team.
  6. A mod will go in and add the selection.
    • Example: Seahawks: OG Pickler, Kansas State (Balls)
  7. If we do not see the MS rep. around after 1/2 day…a Mod can shuffle the names to keep things moving. You might lose your turn too.
  8. This project will need the Team MS Rep. + Announcement of selection + Mod involvement for this bitch to keep moving.
  9. Play it real.

The MS NFL Team Rep can make the selection and a mod can feature it…until another mod has time to add it.  IF a mod isn’t around and a few selections have been made…just try to keep the selections up top for a Mod to add.

NFL Draft Order // Player // Position // College:    2nd Round

  1. CINCI: Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU(Lafrentzj)
  2. IND: Jacob Eason, QB, Washington, (JoeyOG)
  3. DET: D’Andre Swift, RB, Georgia (Poe)
  4. NYG: Zach Baun, EDGE, Wisconsin (Screwitz)
  5. LAC: Josh Jones, OT, Houston (ljceeb)
  6. CAR: Ross Blacklock, DT, TCU (BH Mac)
  7. MIA:  Grant Delpit, S, LSU (Cooch)
  8. ARI: AJ Epenesa, DE, Iowa (BH Mac)
  9. CLEV: Antoine Winfield Jr, S, Minnesota (BC) 
  10. JAC: Bradlee Anae, Edge, Utah (SDofLA)
  11. CHI (via oak): Tyler Badiaz, OG, Wisconsin (Lord Panda)
  12. SF: Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor (Nori) 
  13. TB: Cam Akers, RB, Florida State (Germyave)
  14. DEN: Jake Fromm, QB, Georgia (JMC)
  15. ATL:  Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE, Penn St (lafrentzj)
  16. NYJ: Lloyd Cushenberry III, OG, LSU (JackHammer)
  17. PITT: AJ Terrell, CB, Clemson (Balls)
  18. CHI: Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia (Ljceeb)
  19. DAL: (Lord Panda) Thaddues Moss, TE, LSU
  20. LAR: Cesar Ruiz, IOL, Michigan (Nori) 
  21. PHI: Curtis Weaver, EDGE, Boise State (Robb)
  22. BUF:  Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin (BC)
  23. ATL (via ne): Netane Muti, OG, Fresno State (Poe)
  24. MIA: (via no): Robert Hunt, OL, LSU (JoeyOG)
  25. HOU: Josh Uche, Edge, Michigan (SDofLA)
  26. MINN: Brandon Aiyuk, WR, AZ State (Screwitz)
  27. SEA: Jason Strowbridge, EDGE, UNC(Rings) 
  28. BALT: Chase Claypool, WR, Notre Dame (Germyave)
  29. TENN: Ezra Cleveland, OT, Boise State (JackHammer)
  30. GB: KJ Hamler, WR, Penn St (JMC) 
  31. KC (via sf): Raekwon Davis, DT, Alabama (Balls)
  32. SEA (via kc): Damien Lewis, OG LSU (Lord Panda)



Great job everyone, Round 2 is completed and we will look to do a Round 3 starting next week.

Link to the Draft Network for player rankings/info

MS will have another 1st round Mock after FA and prior to the Draft (whenever that is. Thanks china/nba)


Overview of the 2020 MS Mock Draft (March Edition)

Well we have completed our 1st Mock Draft (Good Job Robb) and we will now take a look at each pick for each team in the division. We are also going to look at the best, worse and best value picks. And as usual, Lord’s selections were absolutely genius. How is this guy not on some teams payroll!

Without further ado, shall we. 


6. Chargers: Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon (BC)

This is a pick that you could see happening a country mile away. The Chargers need a quarterback and Herbert fills that need. Herbert has all the tools to be a franchise quarterback. The Chargers will have options here because they have Tyrod Taylor whom they could start if they feel that Herbert is not quite ready. This is a good problem to have. With 3 of the top 4 Offensive Tackles still on the board, some will say they could have gone that way. Quarterbacks still drive this league.


Draft Network: 13th Overall (3rd Ranked QB)

CBS Sports: 20th Overall (4th Ranked QB) 26th Overall (3rd Ranked QB)

ESPN: 19th Overall (3rd Ranked QB)

Avg. Overall Ranking – 19.5 (-13.5) Avg. QB Ranking – 3.25


12. Raiders: Jeff Okudah, OSU, CB (Poe)

When you give up the 8th most passing yards per game something has to change. Enter Okudah. He is not only the #1 CB, he is a flat out monster at press man and zone coverage. This guy is a true shutdown corner. Having him on one side, Mullen on the other and Abram over the top, the Raiders will have one of the youngest but most talented secondaries in the league. 2 of the top 3 receivers were on the board but this guy is too good to pass on and secondary is a big need as well.


Draft Network: 3rd Overall (1st Ranked CB)

CBS Sports: 4th Overall (1st Ranked CB) 2nd Overall (1st Ranked CB)

ESPN: 5th Overall (1st Ranked CB)

Avg. Overall Ranking – 3.5 (+8.5) / Avg. CB Ranking – 1.0


15. Broncos: Derrick Brown, IDL, Auburn (Balls)

Adding a Defensive Tackle of Brown’s talent at pick 15 should be a felony. This guy is a nightmare for guards and centers. He is a black hole for running games and he can push the pocket. He is scheme diverse with very heavy hands that are precise and he has a motor that never stops. He is also a very good penetrator for a man his size. The top 3 receivers are off the board so the Broncos get the best player available.


Draft Network: 6th Overall (1st Ranked IDL)

CBS Sports: 7th Overall (1st Ranked IDL) 3rd Overall (1st Ranked IDL)

ESPN: 4th Overall (1st Ranked IDL)

Avg. Overall Ranking – 5.0 (+10) / Avg. IDL Ranking – 1.0


19. Raiders: Laviska Shenault Jr, WR, Colorado (Jeremyave)

The Raiders need a true #1 receiver with speed. Shenault ran a 4.58, that is not speed. It was reported in February that he had inflammation in his pubic bone and needed rest prior to the Combine and would not need surgery. After running the 40, it came out that he needed surgery for a core injury that affected him last year at Colorado. Having core surgery before he plays a down in the league is not what you want from a #1 receiver and a 1st round draft pick. He is talented and reminds me of a bigger Percy Harvin but the injury history is too much to ignore. With the top two Linebackers on the board this pick makes no sense at all.


Draft Network: 30th Overall (4th Ranked WR)

CBS Sports: 33rd Overall (6th Ranked WR) 17th Overall (4th Ranked WR)

ESPN: 36th Overall (9th Ranked WR)

Avg. Overall Ranking – 29 (-10) / Avg. WR Ranking – 5.75


32. Chiefs: Noah Igbinoghene, CB, Auburn (Screwitz)

The Chiefs have a need at cornerback with Bashaud Breeland, Morris Claiborne and Kendall Fuller all unrestricted free agents. Igbinoghene has played CB for two years after switching over from the WR position. He is still raw and learning but has held his own in the SEC. He is a great kick returner and special teams player as well. He should be able to challenge for a starting position from day 1.


Draft Network: 43rd Overall (5th Ranked CB)

CBS Sports: 37th Overall (7th Ranked CB) 64th Overall (9th Ranked CB)

ESPN: 39th Overall (4th Ranked CB)

Avg. Overall Ranking – 45.75 (-13.75) / Avg. CB Ranking – 6.25

Best Pick – Jeff Okudah (+8.5) This would be a gift for the Raiders
Worse Pick – Noah Igbinoghene (-13.75) does not think much of him.
Best Value – Derrick Brown (+10) Talk about a steal, WOW!

/JMC the Old

I want to thank each of you for contributing to this first ever MS Mock in March.  We had a few regulars who were not around but all in all, everything worked out incredibly well.  I specifically enjoyed not having a time limit on people giving their selections.  This method also gave each of us insight into the other crap teams within the NFL too.  Well done each of you, and thank you JMC for this summary.  /Robb