AFCW Week 14 Preview

Let’s just skip the bullshit and get right to it.

Broncos at Texans:

Coming off his first start and first win of his career, Drew Lock leads the 4-8 Broncos into the pile of shit otherwise known as Houston, home of the cheating Astros. In his debut, Lock looked the part of an NFL QB. Nothing spectacular on the stat sheet, but he didn’t seem lost out there like Elway’s previous 2 draft picks. Speaking of, according to Elway, Lock actually was able to communicate with coaches what the defense was doing out there. What a noble concept, a QB actually knowing WTF is happening on the field.

The Texans are somehow leading the AFCS, and I really don’t think they’re that good. Below average defensively, Carlos Hyde is the definition of a mediocre RB, OL isn’t that good. They have Watson and Hopkins, that’s about it. So I think the Broncos can hang in this one if Lock isn’t rattled by some road noise.

My predicktion: Texans 21, Broncos 17

Fantasy player of the game: Courtland Sutton. He has a favorable matchup with a poor HOU secondary (thanks for that 3rd round pick for Conley’s sorry ass), and Lock showed he can get him the ball.

Chargers at Jaguars:

If the Chargers were a TV character, they’d be Larry David. Always finding themselves in some sort of odd predicament that ends up costing them games. Seriously, if you were to look up most bizarre ways to lose a game, you’d see the Chargers logo. For the fans of the other 3 AFCW teams, it’s hilarious to watch. *Cue the Curb your Enthusiasm theme music*

This is a pretty meaningless game. Two 4-8 teams basically playing for nothing. Who’s going to suck more? Jacksonville has even less fans than the Chargers, so being on the road doesn’t really matter. This just feels like one of those games the Chargers win. It’ll be a Rivers redemption game.

My predicktion: Chargers 27, Jaguars 24

Fantasy player of the game: Keenan Allen will be matched up with our old friend DJ Hayden. Say no more.

Titans at Raiders:

Here’s a stat for you, the Raiders are 5-1 at home and 1-5 on the road. Here’s another one, they are 5-1 when Carr doesn’t throw an INT, 1-5 when he does. I don’t think anyone loves playing in the Coliseum more than Derek Carr. And fortunately for him and the Raiders, they get a tough matchup with a good Titans team at home.

Expect this game to be an old school, hard fought battle. With 2 of the league’s leading rushers, both teams will look to establish control in the trenches. Who wants it more? Sorry for the clichés, but it’s really what this game will come down to. A war of attrition. Another cliché for you. The big uglies are going to duke this one out for the W. Let’s just hope it doesn’t fucking rain.

My predicktion: Raiders 24, Titans 21

Fantasy player of the game: I think you could stream either QB. Carr plays well at home and Tannehill has been putting up decent numbers.

Chiefs at Patriots:

The game of the week. Two teams trying to reestablish themselves as the AFC’s elite. The Pats look old and slow, while the Chiefs need a late season run to make a push for a first round bye. A few things regarding the QB’s in this one: 1. How healthy is Patrick Mahomes? Granted there was a wind factor, but he didn’t look good at all vs. the Raiders. Was incredibly inaccurate and threw a ton off his back foot. 2. Is this finally the end for Brady? Every time he gets written off, the fucker comes back and gets his team to a SB. But this looks different because the guy is Forty fucking Two years old.

What’s really to analyze about this game? BB will try to slow the game down, and Reid will want to speed it up. I know, brilliant stuff there, but fuck. That’s pretty much what this game comes down to. I’ll give NE the slight edge for being at home, but they just seem off.

My predicktion: Chiefs 31, Patriots 24

Fantasy player of the game: James White. Coming off his highest snap share of the season, the Pats will keep him heavily involved to keep up with the Chiefs.

Good luck, dickheads.

Yours truly,


AFCW Week 12 Preview

JFC, how the fuck are we in week 12 already? The last of the bye weeks, the final 1/3 of the season is upon us and things are getting interesting. Especially in the AFCW with a close race for the division title taking shape. The Chiefs and Chargers are on a bye this week, here’s what’s in store for the Raiders and Broncos…

Broncos at Bills:

You know how you can tell a well coached team from a poorly coached team? It’s not all about the W/L record, but how they play every week. Effort. The Broncos aren’t giving up. They got out to a big lead on Sunday vs. a very good Vikings team, but ultimately talent prevailed and they lost a close one. Kudos to Fangio tho for keeping them in games they probably should be losing by more than one possession. I think the Broncos can be optimistic about their future with him as a HC.

Sunday at Buffalo will be another tough test. The fans are batshit crazy, and it’s cold AF. Fortunately for Denver, I think Buffalo is vastly overrated. They’ve won 7 games vs. teams who have a combined winning % of .282. Not one of them with a winning record. Offensively, Josh Allen still isn’t a good QB. He can be dangerous with his legs, but still errant throwing the ball and has a knack for fumbling. That and a mediocre run game, advantage Denver defense. On the other side of the ball, Buffalo is good defensively and will make it equally as hard on Denver’s offense. This has the makings of a 13-10 type game that’s won or lost on a last second FG.

My predicktion: Broncos 12, Bills 10

Fantasy Player of the Game: Not a lot to like here. White on Sutton, Harris on John Brown. Both D’s solid vs. the run… Impossible to bench those guys at this point in the season unless you’re in some stupid 8 man league in which case you need to step your fucking game up. I do like both defenses if you’re streaming.

Raiders at Jets:

Show me someone who predicted before the season that the Raiders would be in a battle with the Chiefs for the division title this late in the season, and show you show a fucking liar. But here they are, the Raiders, at 6-4 with an opportunity to get to 7-4 and be neck and neck with the Chiefs heading into their game next week at Arrowhead. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Nothing comes easy in the NFL, especially getting a W on the road in the early time slot.

Despite the Jets record, I’m looking at this like it’s a pretty evenly matched game. Statistically on defense, both teams are damn near identical across the board. The Jets do a good job stopping the run, and have one of the league’s best defenders in Jamal Adams – who will for sure be shadowing Darren Waller on every passing down. The key for the Raiders offensively will be the OL, I know, no shit sherlock. However, according to the holy grail of statistical analysis – PFF, the Raiders OL has a significant advantage here. Keep Carr clean and the rest, including the run game, should take care of itself. Defensively, have to get pressure on Darnold. He’ll crumble under any sort of pressure, and the Raiders can get to him. The Jets have given up the 3rd most sacks this season to opposing defenses and the Raiders pass rush is on fire with 10 sacks in their last two games. This is a game the Raiders should win, but will they…

My predicktion: Raiders 27, Jets 20

Fantasy Player of the Game: You’re playing both starting RB’s no matter what, I don’t like Waller’s matchup with Adams. So take a look at the Jets starting TE, Ryan Griffin. Raiders struggle vs. TE’s and Griffin’s last 3 starts (not including the game Herndon started) he has 15 recs, 225 yards, and 3 TD’s. You’re welcome.

The Chiefs and Chargers are on a bye this week

Yours truly,


AFCW Week 6 Preview

What an exciting week, week 5 was. Broncos got their first win of the season vs. the Chargers – we all saw that coming. The Chiefs looked pedestrian for the second week in a row in a loss at home to the Colts. And the Raiders shocked the world by punching bitch ass Khalil Mack and the Bears D in the dick and getting their 3rd win of the season to move to 3-2. Moving on to week 6 in what looks like some good matchups all around for the AFCW.

Texans at Chiefs:

Coming off a tough loss at home vs. the Colts, the Chiefs will look to rebound against a good Texans team looking for its 4th win of the season and leading the AFCS division. Houston excels at getting pressure on the opposing QB, and offensively, Deshaun Watson leads a vertical passing attack which could spell trouble for KC’s mediocre secondary.

Patrick Mahomes is going to have to carry this team on his back in order to win this game. Watkins and Fisher look questionable for the game at best, and child beater still hasn’t been cleared. Defensively they’ll be w/out Chris Jones for a few weeks as well. Fat Andy needs to get his 8th worse run game going to keep the Texans defense honest. I wish I would’ve written this before taking Chiefs -5 because I just don’t see it paying out. This will be close and could go either way.

My predicktion: Chiefs 30, Texans 27

Fantasy player of the game: Rule #1 in FFB, don’t chase last week’s points. However, Will Fuller has another very nice matchup this week. I’m going to double down on another solid performance.

Titans at Broncos:

The Broncos got their first win of the season last week in LA, but come home for a tough week 6 matchup vs. the Titans. The Titans are sitting at 2-3 and currently last in the AFCS, but they’re better than their record would indicate. They’re a well-balanced team who aren’t really great at anything, but solid in all facets of the game.

The key for the Broncos to come away with a W is going to be getting the ball out of Henry’s hands and forcing Mariota to be the shitty QB he is. Unfortunately for Denver, this plays right into their weakness defensively, struggling against tough, physical runners through the first 5 games of the season. Offensively, the Broncos OL will struggle vs. a stout TEN front and will need to have success throwing the ball, and should look to Sutton early and often. Vegas has this as the lowest point total of the week for a reason. Expect a low scoring game, that’s probably decided by another last second FG.

My predicktion: Titans 19, Broncos 17

Fantasy player of the game: Henry is obviously a must start, so I’m going with the hot hand of Courtland Sutton. He’s taken over as Flacco’s favorite WR and has a positive matchup with Malcolm Butler.

Chargers at Steelers in LA:

Let’s face it, this might as well be a road game for the Chargers. Steelers fans travel better than any team in the league, and the Chargers have no fans to begin with. Terrible towels everywhere. Anyway, the Chargers are reeling. They’re banged up as always, losing Pouncey for the season this week, and lack the depth to stay afloat. Speaking of, maybe if TT didn’t always go for the “sexy” pick in the draft and actually filled positions of need, these injuries wouldn’t take such a toll.

The Chargers need a win here to keep their season alive, and fortunately for LAC, the Steelers look like they may be starting a 3rd string QB. That might be their only saving grace in this one. Pittsburgh is still solid enough defensively to keep Rivers in check, but not sure what to expect from the offense other than a healthy dose of James Conner with Jaylen Samuels sidelined now for a month. Can the Chargers get Melvin Gordon going? They’ll need a big game from him to get a win. And take the under.

My predicktion: Chargers 17, Steelers 14 *If Rudolph starts, this is an L for the Chargers*

Fantasy player of the game: Minus the obvious KA and James Conner, I’m staying away. But if you’re desperate for a TE play, Vance McDonald could have a decent game. Backup QB’s usually tend to lean on TE’s in the passing game.

Raiders on a bye:

Traded a 2021 5th for Zay Jones and get some much needed WR depth.

Yours truly,


AFCW Week 5 Preview

Bears vs. Raiders (from London):

In what was speculated to be an under the table handshake between the league and Mark Davis, the Raiders agreed to a handful of games outside of Oakland in order to get the votes necessary to relocate out of that hell hole and into a city that actually wants them. So here we are in London, England, playing the bloody Bears and an old friend in Khalil Mack. Fuck bitch ass Mack for holding out. Moving on…

The Bears D is still very good. They may be missing a few key pieces from last year, but the front 7 is still intact and playing at a high level. Probably too high for the Raiders to overcome with the few weapons they have offensively. Tyrell Williams hasn’t practiced all week, and how much can you expect from a rookie RB vs. a Bears defense who just held Dalvin Cook under 40 yards rushing? The key here for the Raiders will obviously be the OL. Can they contain Mack and Co. and give Carr enough time to check down? Probably not. Let’s just get out of this game in one piece and enjoy the bye week.

My predicktion: Bears 24, Raiders 13

Fantasy player of the game: Tarik Cohen. 19-201-1. Cohen’s receiving stats in the 2 games with Daniels as a starter last year. Not to mention Cohen’s only TD of the season came last week on a pass from Daniels. I think that trend continues with Cohen being a solid flex, bye week fill in.


Broncos vs. Chargers:

Have you ever heard of the Peter Principle? It’s a belief that people in the workforce typically rise to their level of incompetence. We see it a lot in business, and especially in the NFL. Really good coordinators becoming really bad HC’s. Make of that what you will.

Anyway, the underwhelming Chargers get their first action vs. an AFCW foe on Sunday on a neutral site in Los Angeles. Yes, I’m expecting the crowd to be around 50/50. About the same as each team’s chances of winning this game. The Broncos are desperate for a win and they have vets on the team who aren’t familiar with what this sort of a losing season feels like. Meanwhile, the Chargers only have 3 healthy WR’s, 2 of them suck, no TE, arguably the league’s worst OL, and KA will be shadowed by Harris all game. But hey, let’s congratulate TT for finally signing a kicker. And Gordon finally showed up, so that’s good. I guess… I think this one is close, and wouldn’t be surprised to see Denver get their first win of the season.

My predicktion: Broncos 21, Chargers 20

Fantasy player of the game: The RB’s. All of them. Lindsey/Freeman, Gordon/Eckler. 2 top 10 matchups for fantasy RB’s. I think both passing games struggle and the bulk of each team’s offense will come on the ground.

Colts vs. Chiefs:

I’m sure the schedule creators thought this was going to be a fun matchup between Andrew Luck and Patty Mahomes for their marquee SNF matchup. Well they thought wrong.

I feel inclined to talk more about the Chiefs here because Poe is such a huge fan of my work, but what is there really to discuss? Chiefs win. By a lot.

My predicktion: Chiefs 40, IND 17

Fantasy player of the game: Start your Chiefs.

Yours truly,


AFCW Week 4 Preview

Alright sports fans, we’re almost 25% through with the season, and everything has gone according to plan. Right? Not exactly. Current standings have the Chiefs pulling away from the rest of the division at 3-0, the Raiders and Chargers at 1-2, and the Browns, I mean Broncos at 0-3. Here’s what’s on tap for the AFCW in week 4.

Chiefs at Lions:

Heading into this game, the surprisingly undefeated (2-0-1) Lions host the also undefeated child beater-less Chiefs and look to slow down the league’s best offense. On the surface you think, “great, another Chiefs blowout”, however, Vegas has the line set at -6. They didn’t build all of those casinos and fancy hotels by losing, so this matchup is a lot closer than it looks on paper.

Here’s what Vegas see’s, a really good DET secondary lead by all pro CB Darius Slay. He’s so damn good, they even made a T-Shirt for basic bitches with his name on it, Slay all Day. I’m sure we’ve all seen that dumb fucking shirt. On the other side are corners Justin Coleman, and former Raiders great, Rashaan Melvin, who seems to be back to his pre-Raiders form. Unfortunately for the rest of the NFL, Mahomes still has that Kelce guy to throw to. Expect a big game from him. The other side of the ball, Stafford has been decent this year with 8 TD’s through 3 games and a pair of good WR’s, and rookie TE, TJ Hockenson. That’s definitely not enough tho.

My predicktion: KC 27, DET 24

Fantasy play of the game: Keep an eye on the Chiefs backfield. If Damien Williams and McCoy are out, Darrell Williams makes for a solid Flex play. For Detroit, Kerryon Johnson. KC is still awful vs. the run and game flow could net him a few extra receptions. If you need a deeper play, Marvin Jones has a solid matchup as well.

Raiders at Colts:

I’m picturing the scene from Belly. Nas and DMX are riding in the car when Nas starts preaching his bullshit again to which DMX says, “HERE WE GO AGAIN.” Well, here we go again with the fucking Raiders. They head into Indy with the exact opposite of momentum, looking like the same fucking team they were a year ago. Meanwhile, the Colts are playing good football lead by a dominant OL, and a solid defense.

The Raiders may actually catch a break here with WR TY Hilton nursing a hurt quad. Considering how shitty the secondary has played, this would be a huge development as it would limit Brissett’s weapons at WR to a trio with a combined 10 receptions on the season. Offensively for the Raiders, give Josh Jacobs the fucking ball. A lot. The Colts defense is in the bottom half of the league in rushing yards/game. If the Raiders can take advantage here and control the clock, they can keep this one close. Whether or not Gruden pulls his head out of his ass is anyone’s guess.

My predicktion: IND 24, OAK 21

Fantasy play of the week: The two RB’s, Jacobs and Mack, are obvious plays. For a deeper play, if Parris Campbell gets the start in place of TY, I’d bet on the rookie speedster to get behind that shitty Raiders secondary for multiple deep receptions. I could see one of those crazy 3-150-2 stat lines out of him. Your classic boom/bust play.

Chargers at Dolphins:

LOL Wouldn’t it be great? I would laugh my fucking ass off. Doesn’t matter how shitty the Raiders are, the Chargers losing to Miami would make my season. (Robb has LAC losing) Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen. Miami has nothing. The front office essentially pulled a 2018 Raiders and got rid of just about anything with any value. Rosen took over the reins last week and did a decent job, I guess, but who’s he throwing to? Preston Williams has been a surprise UDFA addition.

Not much to evaluate here. This one shouldn’t be close. The Chargers essentially get a bye to get them back to .500.

My predicktion: LAC 31, MIA 17

Fantasy play of the game: Start all your Chargers against the league’s worst D. Good week to play Rivers if you’re streaming QB’s. You’re probably not playing him in season leagues, but Preston Williams could be a cheap option at WR for DFS.

Jaguars at Broncos:

Is this the week? No, I’m not talking about a win, is this the week Von Miller and/or Chubb finally record a fucking sack? The rest of the team maybe? Here they are, supposed to have this defensive mastermind as a HC, and he can’t even dial up pressure with one of, if not the best pass rusher in the league. I guess that’s why he’s 80 and has never been a HC before. So what’s instore for them vs. the Jags?

Gardner Minshew is a fucking douche bag. Yeah, I said it. He is. I can’t stand people who don’t take anything seriously. Everything’s a fucking joke. FOH. Anyways, this game is going to be like cooking that Sunday brisket, low and slow. Lowest point total of the week according to Vegas and it’s easy to see why. Flacco sucks, the OL is suspect other than Risner, and the Jags are still pretty stout up front which could limit the Broncos only chance at winning, getting the run game going. Luckily for the Broncos, the Jags aren’t much better offensively and will keep this one close. I feel sorry for anyone outside of Denver and Jacksonville who have this game on their local coverage.

My predicktion: JAX 20, DEN 14

Fantasy play of the game: The stats aren’t pretty, but Fournette is always a good volume play. Also sounds like Jalen Ramsey won’t play, so don’t be afraid to go with Manny Sanders if he doesn’t. He’s the only guy Flacco’s sorry ass can get the ball to.

love as always,


AFCW Week 1 Preview

AFCW Week 1 Preview:


Fresh off of re-signing the biggest piece of shit in the league, the Chiefs will head into Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars. Mahomes and Co. vs. one of the league’s premier defenses. Word on the street is that child beater will be shadowed by Jalen Ramsey, so we’ll see if he can take advantage of a matchup vs a grown man as opposed to a 3 y/o child.

This should be a high scoring contest that will ultimately come down to the Jags offense not being able to keep up. Despite adding Nick Foles at QB, a healthy Fournette, the Jags just don’t have the weapons on the outside to win this one.

Predicktion: Chiefs 34, Jaguars 23


What a schedule break for the Chargers. Andrew Luck retires 2 weeks ago, and who’s sitting atop the Chargers schedule? Of course, it’s the Colts. I probably would’ve predicted an L here for our resident Clippers fans, but I haven’t really seen anything from Brissett to think he can lead this team anywhere near how well Luck did.

No Melvin Gordon, no problem. The Chargers were 4-0 w/out him last season, and will remain undefeated w/out him this year. Despite an improved Colts defense, Rivers will dink and dunk his way down the field in his normal boring fashion enough times to effectively control the clock and come out with a Chargers W.

Predicktion: Chargers 24, Colts 17


Are you ready for some football? Perhaps a Monday Night party? I know the AFCW is. The only divisional matchup of the weekend and of course it has to be Broncos/Raiders on MNF. I really have no clue WTF to expect from either of these teams. Broncos have a new HC and a rookie OC, while the Raiders are in year 2 w/Gruden but have new starters at multiple positions on both sides of the ball. And oh yeah, something something Antonio Brown.

I’m taking the under on this one, and it’ll ultimately come down to the ol’ cliché, this game will be won in the trenches. Your guess is as good as mine, and Vegas’ apparently, with the line set as a pick‘em.

Predicktion: Raiders 20, Broncos 17

Good luck, dickheads.

Not really.


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