AFCW Week 8 Preview

What a fucking week, week 7 was for the AFCW. Patty Mahomes had to have his knee popped back in place, the Broncos were outscored 30 to -1 after their opening possession, Rodgers is still throwing TD’s on the Raiders, and the Chargers Charger’d their way to another L. Let’s all just pretend that didn’t happen, shall we? Moving on to week 8 for what looks like another good one…

Chargers at Bears:

The schedule doesn’t lighten up any for the Chargers this week as they head into Chicago to face the monsters of the midway. Granted, the Bears offense is struggling as expected and Teddy Bridgewater just hung, wait can we say hung? Teddy Bridgewater just put 36 on that vaunted defense without Alvin Kamara – that’s better. So they aren’t looking too great either. It’s now or never for the Chargers.

Without a single starting caliber offensive lineman on the roster, the Chargers are going to struggle. Khalil Mack is going to feast, and unlike last week, the Chicago defense is going to live up to its hype. Defensively, the Chargers are going to have to force Trubisky to beat them. Stop the run, and make that sorry son of a bitch air it out. That’s the only way to win this one.

My predicktion: Bears 20, Chargers 17

Fantasy player of the game: He hasn’t been great, but Nagy has pointed out the importance of getting rookie Montgomery going. I think he does and finishes over 100 total yards and a TD.

Broncos at Colts:

WTF is that? Is that an Earthquake in Denver? No, it’s the sound of tanks rolling in. These next 5 days are going to tell us a lot about the future of the Denver Broncos. Is Elway going to steamroll his roster for picks, or try to hang on to guys like CHJr even though they are surely to leave in FA? Hey, maybe Denver fans will get lucky and the tanks will roll over Elway too…

The Broncos are the last of the AFCW teams to face the Colts, so it’s been well documented already that they’re a solid team, who now leads the AFCS and are healthier than they’ve been in weeks. Don’t really see any advantageous matchups for the Broncos here, but maybe they’ll care enough to play for the shreds of dignity that Elway has yet to take. But I don’t think so.

My predicktion: Colts 27, Broncos 10

Fantasy player of the game: Keep riding the Sutton train. He’s now in the borderline WR1 discussion without sharing the targets with Sanders.

Raiders at Texans:

Will the real Raiders please stand up? No, not you assholes from last week, you can sit the fuck back down. We’ve seen the Texans in here before. They’re 2-0 so far in the season series vs. the AFCW. So we’re not in for any surprises. They did just lose Will Fuller, which is good news for a secondary who couldn’t cover me. Random tidbit for the game, Raiders traded its starting CB to the Texans in exchange for a 3rd round pick. Now Gruden gets his chance to pick on Conley’s sorry ass for once.

HOU’s OL isn’t nearly as good as GB’s, so the Raiders should be able to get some sort of pressure on Watson this week. That will be key as he and Hopkins will dismantle any secondary, let alone the Raiders, with time to throw. Offensively, the Raiders could be getting Tyrell Williams back to attack a defense that’s given up the 4th most yards to QB’s this season. If Carr can cut out the RZ TO’s, the Raiders will be in this one.

My predicktion: Texans 27, Raiders 24

Fantasy player of the game: Flip a coin between Kenny Stills and Keke Coutee. One of them, or both, will run right past the Raiders secondary for a long TD.

Packers at Chiefs:

It’s hard for me to believe the Chiefs are really that fucking stupid. They can’t possibly start their franchise QB/savior 10 days post dislocating his kneecap. That’s insane. The rest of us can only hope that they’d be dumb enough to mortgage their future for a regular season game. We obviously don’t wish injury on anyone other than the child beater, but stupidity by Andy Reid and the Chiefs organization is always welcome.

Anyway, the Packers are getting the Chiefs at the exact right time. I really don’t think Mahomes will play, and the Packers should see the return of Davante Adams to give Rodgers his full arsenal of weaponry. The Chiefs on the other hand will most likely be playing with Matt Moore at QB, and he won’t have any semblance of a running game to support him as the Chiefs are in the bottom quarter of the league in rushing. Minus Mahomes, this should be an easy win for the 6-1 Packers.

My predicktion: Packers 31, Chiefs 20

Fantasy player of the game: Aaron Jones. KC gives up the 4th most yards to RB’s. He’s a must start.

Look at this little bitch. Garrett Bolles should be proud. “My God, my knee! Can I play this week coach?”

*I hate predickting an 0-4 week with the AFCW, but here we are.

Yours truly,